A Protean Path

Jared C. Balogh just had a slew of music released and good for us! With Detaching Realities Vol. 2 on Headphonica, Rhythm of Life on Happy Puppy Records, and Drifting Soul on 45 Echoes Sound, we are blessed with hours of interestingly good music. I’ve been listening to Balogh’s jazz releases consistently over the last week while trying to write a review about them, however in the review I wanted to stay away from any comparison to Frank Zappa, but as you can deftly see that turned out to be impossible. Take a listen to the following track from Rhythm of Life:

[mp3j flip=”y” track=”The Same Old Traps and Schemes@http://www.archive.org/download/hpr052_Balogh/Balogh_-_RhythmsOfLife_-_04_-_The_Same_Old_Traps_and_Schemes.mp3″]

The two reasons I didn’t want to bring up Zappa in writing these reviews is that listeners how like Zappa might attribute too much importance on this comparison and not download the albums or listeners who do not like Zappa — there may be some —   might not download these albums. Regardless of your feelings towards Zappa, these are must have albums for your iPod.

Balogh creates a sonic world that is ever changing and pleasing to the ear even in it’s odd syncopation and nuances.  According to notes supplied by Balogh, these works are highly personal in their genesis. Whether or not this is the reason for such fine work, I don’t know. But these three albums start 2012 with some wonderful music.

[mp3j flip=”y” track=”An Out of Tune Toon@http://www.actsofsilence.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/jared_c_balogh__detaching_realities_vol2__04.mp3″]