A Sound Enigma

Vedakr - Pres Osli

VeDaKR’s Pred Osli, released on the always adventurous Haze netlabel, is an album after my own heart — field recordings as drones. The tracks sound as though their might have the slightest of processing, but I would not be surprised if none of them were processed in any way. Some tracks end with the audible clicks of a recorder being turned off while others have a more structured aka normal ending. The artist is an enigma as everything about the musician could be one thing or the opposite. My googling skills return an extreme lack of information about VeDaKR who may or may not release albums under another alias and who may or may not be from Eastern Europe. All of this forces us to just pay attention to the music. Maybe that’s the point. And like the artist, Pred Osle seems to be composed of one thing or maybe not/thing. The tracks, courtesy of Google Translator, come from either the Slovenian or the Slovakian tongue. Come on people, I’m an American. Don’t you know that we don’t know the difference between the Czech Republic and Chechnya?

The opening track, “V Hladilniku”, translates as in the fridge sounds more like the rushing of a river and I can only be left scratching my head. The track “Komp Error” could be a contact mic hooked up to a dying computer, but then again not. Each sound(s) and their corresponding tracks present the mundane in monotony, but in turn make the sounds and the album absolutely intriguing.

Artist: VeDaKR
Title: Pred Osli
Netlabel: Haze
Released: 19 March 2013

[audio http://archive.org/download/HAZE201/02.mp3|titles=V Uri]

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  1. Working Title is a big album in many ways, least of all it’s 80 minutes of music, as Kritchev vs. Ban make us rethink what is acceptable. The artists push the listener’s tolerance by looping samples endlessly which successfully turn the tracks into an almost meditative exercise in noise and experimentation. Piecing together sounds from various sources as well as their own creations of noise, Working Title is not a collage album, it is more the destruction of collage music.

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