An American Ambient Story

The opening track of M A S and Travis Mcalister’s The Fade Out Room, “The room lies still during twilight” uses abrupt silences and ‘faulty’ instruments to create a hauntingly rough ambient album which is both old and new at the same time. Throughout the album, each track builds on this tension of the ambient and the unexplained. From the liner notes, it appears that the duo spent three years improvising on various instruments including a bells, optigan, a music box and others. There is a soothing feeling in The Fade Out Room (test tube)which is created not through synths drones but rather by a familiarity with the music and its construction, which, of course, the listener is totally unfamiliar with. The Fade Out Room, in short, is outrageously strong and should not be missed.

[mp3j flip=”y” track=”The children and the sleeping saint@″]