Beats Are Never Forgotten

Beats Are Never Forgotten

When I was first listening to Malaventura’s latest release, Malaventura04, my wife stuck her head in my office and asked my why I was listening to real music. Sigh. I get her point. Malaventura04 is definitely more accessible to most than the music I listen to for pleasure. But what I enjoy about Malaventura’s work is that it is always multi-layered, whether a drone release Blindfold Cinema session 1 that lasts for hours and is meant as dream aid, or Salaam Shalom which is a mix of Arab, Israeli and Andalusian music and is a cry for peace. The latest release is no different as Malaventura has released it into the Public Domain to celebrate Public Domain Day and he is also selling limited fake vinyl to go along with Malaventura04. That’s right, Malaventura is selling fake vinyl that obviously cannot be played.

But what about the music? The music is quite fun, cheery and filled with life. Malaventura04 is pleasing listen for the beginning of the new year.

Artist: Malaventura
Title: Malaventura04
Netlabel: Self-Released
License: Public Domain
Released: January 2015
Download mp3: zip

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