Between the Takes

Between the Takes

2014 was a wonderful year for the Chicago-based netlabel Pan y Rosas Discos. And the label continues strongly in 2015 with its first release of the year, Iris Garrelfs’ Breathing Through Wires, a collection of live performances recorded between 2012 and 2014.

Vocal experimental music has a bad rap due to the proliferation of blokes screaming into microphones while being covered in chocolate syrup. Garrelfs’ work is striking contrast to the aforementioned bellowing and posturing. The first time I listened to Breathing Through Wires, I throughout the stage was filled with people working in concert to produce this fluent sound. I was wrong. Using her own vocals and maybe some other sounds, Garrelfs creates a phonic tapestry of loops upon layers to make a re-stylization of choral works.

You should also check out Garrelf’s Bedroom Symphonies on the netlabel Linear Obsessional. Somehow I missed this 2014 release, but I have been listening to it relentlessly for the past few weeks.

Artist: Iris Garrelfs
Title: Breathing Through Wires
Netlabel: Pan y Rosas
Licensed: CC BY-NC-ND
Released: January 2015
Download mp3: zip

Title: Bedroom Symphonies
Netlabel: Linear Obsessional
Licensed: CC BY-NC-SA
Released: June 2014
Download mp3: Bandcamp

Photograph by Peter Smith.

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