Der Marebrechst (Petr Válek) – Ekra Mekra

Der Marebrechst (Petr Válek)  - Ekra Mekra

Der Marebrechst’s Ekra Mekra begins with a bizarre mishandling of “The Animal Sounds Song” which turns out to be good preparation for a unexpectedly weird record.

Der Marebrechst is an alias for Petr Válek who with his many different alias has well over a 100 albums to his name, but most of only been listened to a few. Válek’s distributes his work via a limited number of CDs which he hands out to friends meaning hardly any of his work is available to other listeners, commercially or for free. Válek’s web presence is almost nil except for Discogs and Last FM. He might as well open up accounts on Ello and Google Plus. If you are a hipster and looking for someone more obscure than Jandek, Petr Válek is most likely your guy. The liner notes state that the instruments are probably “analog, digital and software synthesizers, voice, effects, objects, field recordings, live electronics, circuit bending” which is equally as than helpful as everything else I found.

But this fog of nothingness interwines well with Ekra Mekra. The internal mechanisms of each track have a chaotic coherence that can only be an intentional lack of focuson the part of Válek. There is no use in settling in and getting comfortable, because Válek’s modus operandi is to explicitly pull the rug from only one of your feet, leaving you somewhat grounded, but not grounded at all. Two tracks may be appear to be in direct opposition to each other turn out to be more similar to each other when compared to another track. Ekra Mekra fits together exactly because it doesn’t fit together.

Artist: Der Marebrechst (Petr Válek)
Title: Ekra Mekra
Netlabel: Signals from Arkhaim
Release Date: March 2015
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Downlaod mp3: zip