Feedback in the Sun

Mysterybear - A Quiet Sun

David Seidel aka Mysterybear explores feedback in his latest release, The Quiet Sun on the Vuzh Music netlabel. I first wanted to write about the album without mentioning Jimi Hendrix, but it was through Hendrix that most of us older folks first heard feedback as part of a song. For me it was sitting in front of my Dad’s HiFi (yes, it was a HiFi) and listening to Hendrix’s “The Star Spangled Banner”. It wouldn’t surprise me that this specific Hendrix dissonance helped shape and warp the mind of this impressionable listener when he was seven years-old.

Seidel’s album begins with a controlled assault on the senses with “Apoapsis” that didn’t remind me of the first time I heard Hendrix, rather it helped solidify what the definition of experimental music: the audience is constantly being placed in the position of redefining what music is. This is the exact beauty of what Creative Commons experimental music has to offer. It is with albums such as The Quiet Sun and countless other experimental Netlabel releases that the listeners get to explore new and astounding sonic thresholds every day.

The even-numbered tracks on The Quiet Sun are improvisations and field-recordings that utilize feedback, not so much for their sensory overload, but as respite the structured turbulence of “Apoapsis”, “Epicycle” and “Periapsis”. Overall, The Quiet Sun causes a disruptive joy.

Artist: Mysterybear
Title: The Quiet Sun
Netlabel: Vuzh Music
Released: 21 April 2013
CC BY-NC-SA|titles=Epicycle