Feelin’ About Half Past Dead

Quinn Walker - The Weight of Care

Quinn Walker’s The Weight of Care (Rural Colours) opens with “In At The Death”, its sounds ebbing from ear to ear and glitches slightly crackling. And then the second track’s first 20 seconds is utterly beautiful static-y noise till the tones begin to wash in and build up to a dronish delight that weathers quickly and silently away.  This dichotomy of tones and glitch is what Walker moves us through in The Weight of Care, a strong addition to Rural Colours amazing ambient/experimental catalog — I mean is there a bad album in the bunch?

With the last track Quinn pushes us outside the framework of the first four tracks as the piano chords drive in. Though normally, this sudden change would hamper an album, I found that the track “The Weight of Care” with its piano and vibraphone brings the album to a beautiful conclusion. Absolutely splendid.

And, if you are looking for more work by Quinn Walker, you could download his most collaboration with Danny Clay, Track A / Track B on Audio Gourmet.

Quinn Walker’s “The Weight of Care” (mp3)

[audio http://ia600403.us.archive.org/6/items/ruralcolours030/5_The_Weight_of_Care.mp3|artists=Quinn Walker|titles=The Weight of Care|animation=no]

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