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Dub One! - Blow Dubs

I am really trying to diversify my netlabel listening habits from ambient/fieldrecording/experimental area I have been focusing on in this blog. By exclusively listening to track after track of one style, I become desensitized to the music I love until I figure out a way to snap out of it. And, apparently, taking my neighbor’s car out for a joy ride in the middle of the night is frowned upon. So, I’ll be listening and reviewing lots of different genres from now on.

Anywho, iD.EOLOGY released this new EP, Blow Dubs by Dub One! which is an extremely fun record. Blow Dubs leans more toward a move your ass album than a sit on your couch getting high while watching cartoons and listening to dub kind of a record, though if that’s how you choose to listen to it, you’d hear no complaints from me. German artist Peter Seifert aka Dub One! does a fantastic job of melding various styles of music into six tracks of glorious dub. One way the ways I can tell if I like an album is if I go and download other work by the artist, which is exactly what I did after listening to Blow Dubs a few times. If you like this, you might want to try Dub One!’s 2009 2008 release, Dubplates from the Madhouse (iD.EOLOGY).

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