Golgotha Communications Limited – A Certain Fondness

Golgotha Communications Limited - A Certain Fondness

Somewhere on the Philadelphia streets, streets made famous by a failed boxer of Italian descent, walks Josef Karpinovic aka Golgotha Communications Limited. Let’s go back a few months, when the city streets and sidewalks were covered with a grey snow and the wind attacked your face as you push along to work or some Halal food truck. Winter in Philadelphia sucks. But luckily for me at the time, the Haze netlabel released Golgotha Communications Limited’s A Certain Fondness, an hour-long goulash of sonic satisfaction.

A Certain Fondness opens with “The Ampling Stork” that sets the tone for the album, a cut-up collage of undecipherable samples. Slightly in the background of the first track, a TV plays until it to is sliced-up and stitched into the main core of Halal. “A Note of Interrogation 1” interrupts the listener’s train of thought briefly before “Fetching Fond” swims through your ears. About 3 minutes or so into “Fetching Fond”, the track’s boppy feel is cut off by the rhythmic sound of industry. The machines die after a few minutes and then Golgotha Communications Limited begins to space us out.

“Four and Aft”, the longest track, is the closest thing to hip-hop I remembering hearing by Golgotha Communications Limited. The beat along with the repetitive cut-up vocals becomes hypnotizing. About five minutes into the track, the hip-hop (d)evolves into other sound samples and then into a more trippy almost IDM feel (though probably not IDM). An important point to get with Golgotha Communications Limited’s A Certain Fondness is that most of the sounds and beats are derived from vocals. Again the track changes up, the beat becomes more rapid and a woman loops “truly a miracle” among other sounds.

“A Note Of Interrogation II” segues us into the last half of A Certain Fondness. “This Is The Holy Hexagram” is a minimalist take on the tracks we’ve hear prior, it’s sparse and ghost-like. The seventh track and the longest toward the end is “It’s Impossible To Do Nothing” which begins with a static-y foreground, dirty like city streets, which gives away to some vocal cut-up experimentation. “Fond Fore” is the last major track of Golgotha Communications Limited’s A Certain Fondness before it ends with “A Note Of Interrogation III”. “Fond Fore” is a fit of stops and starts, wonderfully herky-jerky.

Golgotha Communications Limited has released a handful of records on Haze, several others on Sirona-Records, and elsewhere, of course. A Certain Fondness fits very well into Golgotha Communications Limited’s oeuvre. If you are a fan, then you’ve already downloaded this album and listened to it dozens of times. If not, A Certain Fondness is a great introduction to some of exciting and original work done Golgotha Communications Limited.

Artist: Golgotha Communications Limited
Title: A Certain Fondness
Netlabel: Haze
Release Date: February 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Download mp3: zip