Helicopter Drones

Helicopter Drones

Claudio Curciotti’s Field Abuse Volume 1: Helicopters (Impulsive Habitat) begins as many Sunday mornings begin, some jazz playing on the turntable. A track from John Patitucci’s Line by Line gently plays in the background till the helicopters arrive and the home-made bombs start exploding. Curciotti’s Helicopters ostensibly is a field recording of the European protests from last year in Barcelona and Rome. Using the helicopter sounds, Curciotti is able to paint the protests as the police state versus the people. The album fades out to the celebratory ringing of church bells, but even this gets overshadowed by the drones of the helicopters.

My one issue with this release is that it has been released under the Creative Commons No Derivative license. There are two reasons. Number one, if an artist samples another work, they should allow others to sample their work. It’s just simple courtesy. The second reason is more political. These are recordings populist protests, this type of thing is made for Creative Commons, specifially allowing derivatives. Also, Curciotti has many of these recordings available as a remixable sample pack at his website, Field Abuse. There is a fantastic soundmap of the Rome protests.

Artist: Claudio Curciotti
Title: Field Abuse Volume 1: Helicopters
Netlabel: Impulsive Habitat
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Download mp3: zip
Release Date: 13 January 2014

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  1. Hello David,

    Thanks for the review, very nice as always.
    Just one thing: actually the license is a Share Alike one: It was my bad because I didn’t notice I was using a template with a ND license… This is fixed now. Really sorry, but thanks for pointing that out!

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