Carlo Barbagallo - Haiku 10

Over at Emily Loren Moss Ferrell’s wonderful netlabel Subterranean Tide, she has two types of releases: one that could be considered the regular release which gives the musician freedom to compose what they want and the second is a series where artists must interpret a haiku.

From the Haiku Society of America, Curtis Dunlap writes (pdf):

In a nutshell, haiku are one breath poems; they are picture poems. The haiku poet uses words to paint a picture without adding personal thought or feelings to the poem. In haiku the poet must “show, don’t tell”. Strong haiku can evoke an emotional response in the reader, an extraordinarily wonderful thing to experience when reading these concise poems.

Beyond the reinterpretation requirement, Fennel has the musician present their interpretation into three tracks of 5, 7 and 5 minutes which coincides with the standard understanding of the English syllable count of a haiku.

The tenth entry in Subterranean Tide’s Haiku series is by Italian musician Carlos Barbagallo. Based on Konishi Raizan’s haiku, “Waga Neto Wo / Kubi Agete Miru / Samusa Kana”, Barbagallo has produced an outstanding experimental work that engaged me from the beginning. As an avid listener, I am not very interested in the English translation of the haiku, I am more interested in the auditory exploration the musician takes me on. Barbagallo’s interpretation is disembodied, same in difference, pure.

Artist: Carlos Barbagallo
Title: Haiku 10
Netlabel: Subterranean Tide
License: CC BY-NC
Download mp3: Zip
Release Date: 1 January 2014

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  1. It’s truly an honor to have had this haiku reviewed by you, thank you for the the site and for all you do for the CC music community.

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