It’s Pat’s Wife

I’m not real happy in saying that an album surprised me because that means I went into my cone of listening with some preconceived notions. Luckily it takes albums such as Pat’s Wife’s Wildcat to remind me of my prejudices. (By the way, I won’t be going into my limitations right now, maybe some other day).

The duo of Robin Hewson and Nick Petrarca, who make up Pat’s Wife, released their wonderful ambient netplay on the netlabel Mine All Mine. Wildcat delivers a nice thick slice of ambience which sometime borders on electronica or ambient noise, but the end result is a album that flows effortlessly from track to track and has held up over the last few months. If you like this release, Hewson and Petrarca has released another album in March called Same Light. It’s available on Bandcamp for free and is closed culture release (but this could just be the default setting of the Bandcamp).

Pat’s Wife’s “Mr. Patience of a Flood” (mp3)

[audio|artists=Pat’s Wife|titles=Mr. Patience of a Flood|animation=no]

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