Listening While Submerged

Gutta Percha - A Crawlspace Companion

Back in March, Brent and Ryan Hibbert aka Gutta Percha released A Crawlspace Companion of Test Tube. From the first track, “Conscious Listening I”, one realizes that you are about to listen to an incredible work. The slow pace and subtle texture of this 13-minute track draw the listener in to the artists world, one we won’t escape from for another hour. The songs are a combination of sound manipulation, instrumentation, and field recordings that flow forward in an ambient map of unconnected soundscapes that meld together blissfully.  There is the unquestionable dreamlike status of the editing which gives the album a magical realism feel throughout. Gutta Percha’s A Crawlspace Companion is an extraordinary work.

Gutta Percha’s “Unconscious Listening I” (mp3)

[audio|artists=Gutta Percha|titles=Unconscious Listening I|animation=no]