Mixology 101

Dustmotes - Equilibria

Before I start my writing about the music from Dustmotes’ Equilibria on Dusted Wax Kingdom, let me state the obvious, “What a fan-fucking-tastic cover!” The photograph by Göran Arvidson and Atelier Fernando Mateus’ design are just amazing. Kudos gentlemen, kudos. So while you take a moment of just absorbing this record cover, why not listen to a little Dustmotes.

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/DWK090/dustmotes_-_04_-_Train.mp3|titles=Train|artists=Dustmotes|animation=no]

Paul Crocker aka Dustmotes takes the common and not-so common melodies and beats to construct his own complexity out of them. He is not just blindly adding bass to melodies or looping stripped down stems, rather his touch is to make his sources discordant to each other and yet Crocker ends up with a cohesive musical idea. Even though his beats may intentional hit the wrong measure or the melodies twisted, Crocker is reaching for his own balance from his chosen musical multiplicity, he is creating his own equilibria of tonality.

Equilibria is Crocker’s third album. His first are on Publicspaces Lab, The Containment Sessions (2010) and Beats for the Subverted (2009).