Noise as a Habit

Marta Zapparoli aka Penelopex experiments with sound and noise are strongly influenced by her environment. In interview that is also a companion to her release Live at Able Gallerie on Audition Records, Zapparoli says that she draws her inspiration “from the narratives and metaphors of a variety of impacts from different locations and situations. Particularly when lost in a city, you find yourself at the wrong end of the town and unforseeable scenarios begin to unfold.”

Zapparoli’s process is to use her archive of sounds as a palette for collage techniques that enable her to create “singular sounds and recording themes merge to form a new imaginary space.” Though improvisation always plays a big role in the planning and unplanning of her music. “… I always improvise during solo performances by following my intuitive feelings, abstraction and creative vocabulary of techniques.”

As Penelopex, Live at the Able Gallerie is a 15-minute performance piece that seems to be a perfect example of Zapparoli’s artistic process. The music journeys from sound to sound with some sounds acting as glue holding the piece together and other sounds making their appearance to move the narrative along and then disappear.

Zeromoon released Codex which is about twice as long as Live at Able Gallerie and it is broken into four separate tracks. The first two tracks are filled with a deep noise that is constructed with sounds that can be discerned and individualized among the chaos and turbulence of the tracks. Coming from a noise perspective, the last two tracks are a bit more delicate and similar to Live at Able Gallerie than the first two tracks.

Zapparoli’s work is fresh and imaginative, filled with noise and more noise to create what could be best described as a noisescape. When asked how noise and improvised music impacted her, Zapparoli answered, “As with any consuming habit, such as food … I can’t stop eating! As both are interlinked and fundamental to my body of work and natural environment …”

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Artist: Penelopex
Title: Live at Able Gallerie
Netlabel: Audition Records
Released: 26-March-2012
Download mp3: zip

Artist: Marta Zapparoli
Title: Codex
Netlabel: Zeromoon
Released: 15-April-2012
Download mp3: zip