Not Your Average Garden Drone

mysterybear - Complex Silence 12

There are drones and then there are drones. mysterybear’s latest, Complex Silence 12 (Treetrunk Records), is of the latter. This is some straight-edge heavy drone for only the experienced netlabel user out there. These binaural beats created in, I believe, csound would cause a typical American family to flee their home. This I know. But for me, it’s luscious, sweet and beautiful. Does that make me wrong?

The first track, “Gyre II”, by Dave Seidel aka mysterybear was originally part of an exhibit this past January at the Jean Paul Slusser Gallery. At over 18 minutes, “Gyre II” insists on the listener’s attention. Though I have listened to the entire album through speakers, I have definitely found it more enjoyable to listen to using headphones. It is through this absorption of sound that the undulations grow and ebb, that the drones transform themselves from wave patterns to music.

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