Peter Wullen – Do You Dream About Me

Peter Wullen

One of the striking things about Peter Wullen’s Do You Dream About Me? is the gorgeous cover. The cover photograph by Molly Green is stunning and fits the album quite well. The photograph like Do You Dream About Me? is beautiful overall, but at both of their cores is a fascinating glitch that attracts both the listener and the viewer. This photograph, simply called “first tattoo (:”, is all over the web, Pinterest and tattoo blogs in particular. Hopefully, with this post, Green can start getting some credit for her work.

Wullen works with several other artists on Do You Dream About Me: Dickson Dee, Gintas K, Cheri Gao, and Emmanuel Mieville. There are also some sounds the late Zbigniew Karkowksi who this album is dedicated to. Though the album might be under Peter Wullen’s name it is apparent from Wullen’s liner notes that this work is a collaboration; there is even an in depth bio of Dickson Dee.

Do You Dream About Me begins with a quiet drone and then it delves into static, glitch, field recordings and a poem recital. Stop there and release your prejudices. This is not one of your typical poetry albums, Peter Wullen along with Dickson Dee have created more of an ambient, experimental noise record than anything else. The poetry vocals are just another layer of sound to be distorted and bent. I’ve seen Wullen describe this work on the web as a sound poem. That sounds about right.

A little more than half-way through Do You Dream About Me, Wullen and company pivot us with a change in noise and tempo that drifts almost into silence and then slowly field recordings and other noise creep back into the foreground for one last striking verse. Peter Wullen’s Do You Dream About Me is a brilliant album and one that I will be going back to time and time again.

Artist: Peter Wullen
Title: Do You Dream About Me
Netlabel: Haze
Release Date: August 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Download mp3: zip

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