Recognizable, Yet Unknown

Sandra Boss - Seks Kompositioner

Sandra Boss’ recent release on Modisti is a conglomeration of sounds that include field recordings, electromagnetic recordings and other sound motifs. The Danish composer has put together Seks Kompositioner (or “Six Compositions”) which is more than a mass of sound, rather it’s melding of various sound inputs that when crafted well together as they are on this 20-minute EP give the listener an opportunity to listen differently. It’s albums such as Boss’ that I wish I listened to music more on speakers than headphones. I think the spatial experience would stretch out the tension and not make the sound so immediate, you know, give the sound a chance to breathe. But that’s my problem, not Boss’.

Sandra Boss’ “Den modsatte kyst” or “The Opposite Coast” (mp3)

[audio |artists=Sandra Boss|titles=Den modsatte kyst|animation=no]

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