Small Radio – Le Migre 2

My first introduction to Radio Scotvoid, one part of the duo Small Radio, was 5 years ago with his small release Garbage In Garbage Out (Earth Monkey Productions). Take a listen to this incredible record as this is one of the reasons why I became so enamored with the netlabel scene. Also of interest, on my relistening of Garbage In Garbage Out, I noticed a remix done by Small Colin, the other part of the Small Radio duo.

Le Migre 2 (Rec72) is the second release Small Radio. If people still used the terminology electronica, Le Migre 2 might fit under that label, or it might be consider rock or pop. But labeling records, as we all know, is the lazy way to listen to  music as every categorization comes with reviewer and listener prejudices. For instance, you might already not be interested in this album because of the labels I’ve chosen. But what really matters is that I like this work, and, hopefully, you will take a small moment of your day to download and listen to this work based on my past recommendations at this blog. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.|artists=Small Small Radio’s “Blackt In The Darq” (mp3)

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