The Ambient City

SIGHUP - City Passage

I first came across Steve Hamann’s work as SIGHUP a few weeks ago, so I was quite pleased to see a new release  on Feedback Loop. Hamann’s City Passage is more subtle than his earlier work which has a wall of sound feel to it. It’s interesting that with the word “city” in it’s title, Hamman’s album is filled with delicate sound, noise and drones. The third and final track,  “City Passage” is a combination of looped field recordings and noise on top of drones and artful synth lines, it is incredibly beautiful. Throughout the album, I found Hamann’s use of finely spun synths and gitchy noise to be intelligently and elegantly done. If you like this, and I know you will, give a try to Hamann’s 2009 self-released work, End Of.

SIGHUP’s “City Passage” (mp3)

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