The Fragmented Ruins of Sound

Auzel - Old

Auzel’s Old (Vuzh Music) is a beautiful work that has something for everyone. The second track, “Poisonous Worm” (mp3), is filled with layered female vocals that give off a choral vibe — this would be for the Echoes crowd —, while it’s succeeding track, “I Remember It More Now” (mp3), is a looped noise-ish track that would be loved by fans of esoteric and experimental netlabels. I’m not saying that Auzel’s album is filled with dissociative songs, rather, I think that Old gives Auzel her freedom to explore various musical themes whether it be child-like, ethereal or noise.

Auzel’s “Incorrect Spell” (mp3)

[audio|artists=Auzel|titles=Incorrect Spell|animation=no]