The Sonic Death of a Rat

Mikr Tonalwsky - End of the Rat

Mikr Tonalwsky’s EP, End of the Rat, is so short. How short is it? It will take me longer to write this review than it will take me to listen to the album several times. Quantity is nothing.

Tonalwsky’s short EP, composed in cscound, is the story of a wharf rat dying and being reborn as its billions of atoms return to the universe. That’s what the liner notes say anyway. What the liner notes don’t relay is that in the End of the Rat‘s brevity it paints a lovely aural color that is as anti-melodic as it is melodic.

Artist: Mikr Tonalwsky
Title: End of the Rat
Netlabel: Triceratupuz Lab
Release Date: 26 August 2013
Download mp3: zip