Various Artists – Of Places and Moments

Various Artists - Of Places and Moments

Every 7th of the month, is a good day as that is the day that Just Not Normal releases its work for the month. Coincidence that SkyDad created the world in seven days and Just Not Normal releases on the 7th. I think not. It takes me a while to get through the netlabel’s catalog for the month, but each release is always worthwhile. This month Just Not Normal released a various artist work, Of Places and Moments, that had musicians and sound artists download sounds from the Sounds Found Project and then had the sounds  “mangled, manipulated, abused and violated, in some cases beyond recognition, to create 18 distinctly different interpretations ranging from minimal drone, to noise, to electronica.” There many artists I was familiar with and some, not so much. Though I’ll be tagging this as a “field recording”, Of Places and Moments is much more than that. I’m not going to go through this release song by song, but you’ve got dance songs, noise, experimental, etc. Some could slam this release for being a hodgepodge, but I see each track being tied together with the warped imaginations of the artists.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Of Places and Moments
Netlabel: Just Not Normal
Release Date: 07 September 2010
Download mp3: zip,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Tracks: 01. Jack Solium – Celimancie (mp3), 02. Mystahr – Baltic Blues (mp3), 03. Phobos – Down the Tubes of Pennybell (mp3), 04. jfox – PROGEX (mp3), 05. Plastic Love Tool – Plebs Truculenta (mp3), 06. The Raytownians – Take Me Back to Tuscaloosa (mp3), 07. C. Reider – Core Exit (mp3), 08. Pyne – The Hand of Glory (mp3), 09. Cagey House – Scissors Bird (mp3), 10. robojam – Tekno Punksin Ze House (mp3), 11. Gurdonark – Hear and Know (mp3), 12. Sighup – Rain, Traffic (mp3), 13. Shane Morris – Contemplating the Subjective Nature of Reality (mp3),  14. jfox – Gute (mp3), 15. Controlled Dissonance – St. Clair Station (mp3), 16. Pavonine – Oscilloclast (mp3), 17. Subspace Annex – Paso (mp3), and 18. Ghost Animal Funeral Songs – Cicada Filters (mp3).