What We All See

What We All See

The netlabel Pan y Rosas always puts out quality work, however, the releases of late have been exceptional. Lauren Redhead’s Entopic Landcape is one of these noteworthy releases. Redhead, an experimental organ performer as well as composer and university lecturer, released  a work using an organ, a trombone, tubas and recordings that combines experimental music with drones and improvisation. The description I just wrote hints at a piece of discombobulated noise. I assure you that is not the case. There is much calmness to Entopic Landscape and Redhead’s open notation compositions allow the musicians to add a slight ripple that reveals a multitude of sound underneath.

Redhead writes in her liner notes about the inspiration for the title and how it affects the entire work, “Entoptic phenomena are experienced by all human beings. If you cover your eyes and shut out all light, for example by putting your hands over your closed eyes, you will see flashing lights and moving shapes.” She continues, “Such phenomena have been hypothesised to have informed the earliest artworks. Their commonness to all people causes these artworks to remain intelligible today.” And finally, Redhead writes, “This music takes such phenomena as a starting point. It is slow moving, partially entering into ‘view’ and then gone again. The attempt to focus has the effect of obscuring it.”

The first two tracks were commissioned by the Octopus Collective and performed live at the Full of Noises Festival and a residency at Cafe OTO.

When Redhead released this work on Pan y Rosas, she went on Twitter asking for names of ther experimental women composers. After she was inundated with names, Redhead wrote a series of posts about experimental women composers who she was unfamiliar with. These are just as important to read as Entopic Landscape is to listen to.

Artist: Lauren Readhead
Title: Entopic Landscape
Netlabel: Pan y Rosas
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Release Date: August 2014
Download mp3: zip