Wide Awake

bubbles - Asleep

Sometimes one needs to clear the cobwebs out of one’s mind. I’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit too focused on the ambient / field recording / experimental genres of netaudio and I needed a booster shot of something different, something odd. There have been a couple of mp3s that have been floating around the periphery of my listening and it seemed that now was the time give them a spin.

First up is the self-released album Asleep by bubbles which is available on Bandcamp.* Now bubbles calls his new album “ambient” which, after several listens, I highly doubt that it is. I’m not sure if he is being cheeky, but it brings up an issue which I am constantly debating: do genres ruin music? But this is a bigger issue than this post will allow and the spotlight should be on bubbles and Asleep, not on some lame rant of mine.

Some of the tracks from Asleep are ambient but others are quite not ambient. So, I’ll go with the nondescript-boring-vanilla-label of electronica, though Asleep is decidedly rum raisin. You’l find some songs filled with humor, some filled with drums and others filled with ambient soundscapes, but what you won’t find is boring music. Each track is crisply beautiful with odd notes bouncing in and out of your headphones.

A couple of loose ends. If you don’t already follow @bubblesmusic on Twitter, do so now, you will always be entertained. bubbles may or may not be looking for a netlabel or two to release some of his work. If you are a curator and you like what you hear, you may want contact him. Lastly, the cover art is done by Göran Arvidson, who is also on Twitter at @6ft5.

* Some of you might recall my diatribes against Bandcamp here and now I’m breaking my rule about not reviewing an album if is only distributed on Bandcamp. I guess rules are just vague suggestions until they’re broken.