Windows 98の – Summer Singles

Windows 98の - Summer Singles

As summer begins its final swan song here in the Northern hemisphere, it is probably a good time to look a “summer” release and the artist Windows 98の is kind enough to oblige with their self-released Summer Singles.

If you know nothing of vaporwave then like me you’ll be fine, just go with it. If you have some prejudices about vaporwave, just stop it, just stop it now. If you know something about vaporwave, apologies. The short of it is vaporwave is more than a musical genre, it is more of a mindset or a musical feeling. Vaporwave can be cheesey and cutting-edge at the same time, it can be slow and melodic as well as being rough and noisy. Genres are nothing but labels. Just think about a genre or two that you are quite familiar with and you can see how useless it is to try and pigeon-hole any track to a genre.

What I like about Summer Singles is that Windows 98の doesn’t stay in one genre for long whether it is track by track or even with one track. The track “プラスチッククソ愛” is a good example of how Windows 98の moves from one genre, say vaporwave, and ends up somewhere in the noise spectrum. As I mentioned earlier, any pre-conceived notions about what vaporwave is viturally useless. It is never what you think and then it is. Some of Windows 98の’s tracks border on straight-up hip-hop like “Goofee Rascal – G:/ Infinite Goof” and another, “Death Grips – Two Heavens (Remix)”, leans toward breakcore. カテゴリ ラメ. 音楽 いい.

Just play and enjoy Windows 98の’s Summer Singles. Forget. Enjoy.

Artist: Windows 98の
Title: Summer Singles
Netlabel: Self-Released
Release Date: June 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Download zip: Bandcamp