C. Reider Benefit: Call For Submissions

C. Reider Benefit

As some of you know, C. Reider had medical issues at the end of 2015. His health is better, but he has been left with staggering medical debt. I am putting together a benefit album and I am looking for some submissions. Through much persuasion on my part, Chris has agreed to this project.

Chris has a wide variety of tastes in music, so any genre is game, from drone to vaporwave and from experimental to noise. If we receive more than 2 hours or music, I will be doing a blind selection. Experimental musician, Cinchel volunteered to master the album. Michael Gregorie of blocSonic volunteered to produce and design the album cover. Expect the album to be released around the beginning of March 2016.

Here are the submission requirements, such as they are:

  • Deadline is the end of the day of the 7 February 2016 where ever you might live.
  • Please keep the track under 5 minutes or so
  • Track must be in .AIFF or .WAV format
  • By submitting a track, you are allowing us to sell your music in this benefit album through out the year 2016.
  • All tracks will be licensed CC BY-NC-SA
  • Send your selection to reider.benefit@gmail.com

C. Reider is an experimental composer living in northern Colorado in the United States. He manages several netlabels and is an active supporter of the free music scene. You can download Chris’ music and view his netlabels at Vuzh Music or at his Bandcamp site. You can find him on Twitter as well, @vuzhmusic.

Thank you.

Best of 2015

Best of 2015

I dread writing the “Best of” post every year. Not because of the amount of work in listening to music or coding the page, it is the nagging feeling that I have missed a great release thereby slighting a musician’s accomplished work. But a “Best of” post is somewhat required. The list helps friends and other listeners of the free music scene find some music they have missed and it may add a bounce to the step of a musician or netlabel owner listed here.

This list has releases licensed under Creative Commons (CC) as well as the draconian All Rights Reserved. My small hope is that musicians will see other artists who use CC licensing and may even start to use Creative Commons for their own work in the future. (I can dream can’t I?) This year’s “Best of” list also includes some cassette releases, but all of these cassettes have a corresponding free digital release. Maybe more cassette labels can start doing this?

The one hundred albums listed below are divided into two sections: a Top 20 and Another 80 listed afterward. I wrote out the Top 20 just to see if I could and also make it easier on the more casual listener. On any given day, the Top 20 could be very different depending on my listening mood with albums moving from one section to the other.

Download, listen and enjoy.

Martin Rach - ArtebellumMartin Rach
Control Valve
August 2015
Bebawingi - BebawinginiBebawinigi
Strato Dischi
July 2015
Juan Antonio Nieto - Big MistakeJuan Antonio Nieto
Big Mistake
May 2015
Iris Garrelfs - Breathing Through WiresIris Garrelfs
Breathing Through Wires
Pan y Rosas Discos
January 2015
Mers - Click PussyMers
Click Pussy
Editora do Porto
March 2015
Gurdonark - Constellation BlackbirdGurdonark
Constellation Blackbird
We Are All Ghosts
May 2015
Cagey House - Cry One Best DemoCagey House
Cry One Best Demo
April 2015
Peter Wullen - Do You Dream About MePeter Wullen
Do You Dream About Me
August 2015
The OO-Ray - Empty OrcestraThe OO-Ray
Empty Orchestra
Lifelike Family
April 2015
Stinky Picnic - Hamster World
Stinky Picnic
Hamster World
March 2015
Willy Stamati - In Search of Noise (Parts 1 and 2)Willy Stamati
In Search of Noise (Parts 1 and 2)
February, December 2015
zip (1 and 2)
Dalot - LevellingDalot
January 2015
(dell.tree + Metek) - Lisergic Weird Funk(dell.tree) + Metek
Lisergic Weird Funk
Editora do Porto
March 2015
Ryukau - MuryokuRyukau
Etched Traumas
November 2015
Gavin Gamboa - Quartet ForensicsGavin Gamboa
Quartet Forensics
April 2015
Stephen Emmerson - Radio/TapeStephen Emmerson
Control Valve
March 2015
Hammer of Hathor - SphereHammer of Hathor
February 2015
Vasectomy Party - The Truth is IllusiveVasectomy Party
The Truth is Illusive
Control Valve
Feburary 2015
Graham Dunning - WoundGraham Dunning
March 2015
Jonáš Gruska - Zvuky SlovnaftuJonáš Gruska
Zvuky Slovnaftu
August 2015
Bastl Orchestra – Acetitic Syndrome (Signals for Arkaim)
Annie Kerr & Gus Garside – After thought (Spirit of Gravity)
Marcello Magliocchi – All in One & Duo recital (Plus Timbre)
METEK and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – The Beauty of Blasephemy (suRRism-Phonoethics)
Vziel Pojet – big brown balls (Genetic Trance)
Carl Kruger – Blip Service (Digital Minimum)
Miquel Parera – by Zero (República Ibérica Ruidista)
Matra Espectra – Cantos and Meditations (Self-Released)
Golgotha Communications Limited – A Certain Fondness (Haze)
C. Reider – Certainty Reducing Signals (Happy Puppy Records)
Lucie Vítková – Chorals (Signals from Arkaim)
Souns – Coastal (Panospria)
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there (Kruk Records)
NOPOSORP – Concrete Gain (Etched Traumas)
Pavel Madurov – Day of Mechanician (Zenapolæ)
Jeremy Gluck and Michael Dent – Div Joyvision (Expanded Editiion) (suRRism-Phonoethics)
Lyn Goeringer – Dolly (for M.A.) (Pan y Rosas Discos)
Philipp Bückle – Drawings (Invisible City Records)
Edø Pistø Sømi – Error : dot: can’t open (Hortus Conclusus Records)
Microseq – False Awakenings (Inkilino)
Stella Velce – For a Flat ( Pan y Rosas Discos)
Shredderghost – Golden Cell (Power Moves)
Oneirich – Gruchte (Petroglyph Music)
AODL – Harborlust (Sunhill)
Dr Sparkles – Hello, Good Evening and Yes (Self-Released)
Splicey and Tracky – Horses, Horses … Horses! (Haze)
Michael Jackson Pollock – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rocks_on_Mars (Signals form Arkaim)
Compost Haven – Icky Vicky (Pan y Rosas Discos)
Porcje Rosolowe – Insects 4-7 (Crónica)
el owl – Invisible Predator (Lifelike Family)
mutanT.R.I. – Katacumoridako (Dog Park)
Phenotypo – Kings of Disco Vol. 1 (suRRism-Phonoethics)
Caroline Park – Less Than Human (Pan y Rosas Discos)
Mal Occhio – Mal Occhio (suRRism-Phonoethics)
Jaan Patterson – Music for Shadows (suRRism-Phonoethics)
Daniel Barbiero – Cristiano Bocci – Nostos (Acoustronica)
Liew Niyomkarn – OEL (Deep White Sound)
Derek Baron – Palmillas (Power Moves)
Stephen Emmerson – Letters to Verlaine (Deep White Sound)
Acryllic Drape – ph 12 (Deep White Sound)
People Skills – Pogradec Embankment (Self-Released)
psoph.OS – Polypodiaceae (Tape-Safe)
Rocheleau – Bussière – Couture – RBC (Pan y Rosas Discos)
Dead Peoples Records – Scheiße Kunst: ist tote menschen schallplatten (Self-Released)
Nat Grant & Furchick – Scrap Yard Lingerie (Dog Park)
Andrea Borghi – Sessile (Con-v)
The Shouts from the Sea – The Shouts from the Sea (Power Moves)
Phirnis / Katarrhaktes – Sleepers (Fwonk*)
Baptiste Boiron & Chris Sliver T – Soliloque (Ozky e-sound)
Brandon Cardon – Something About Tape (Deep White Sound)
Alexander Chernyshkov and Marina Poleukhina – Songs About Trees (Pan y Rosas Discos)
Jack Hertz and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen – Sonic Overload (suRRism-Phonoethics)
Robert Kroos – Sounds of Hokkaido (Green Fields Recordings)
Jazznoize – The Sounds of Power Lines (suRRism-Phonoethics)
Alejandro Remeseiro – Soundcapes from R’lyeh (Second Family)
Juan Antonio Nieto – Static (Plus Timbre)
Linear Bells – Tapology (Self-Released)
M.NOMIZED – Textures and Parasites (Hortus Conclusus Records)
Seth Cooke – Transfer, 3/1000 (Very Quiet Records)
Kecap Tuyul – Tunnel Songs (Eg0cide Productions)
Enrique Maraver – Underground Variations (Echo Music Recordings)
Aeristirvx – Untitled (8 ravens)
No Way Out – Untitled (Etched Traumas)
Olivier Dumont – Viscose (Con-v)
Pat Moonchy – Vorfeunde (Pan y Rosas Discos)
Retsevlis Sva – Warranty Certificae 8613219554 (Great Hedgehogs’ Records)
Alexei Borisov and Sergey Kostyrko – Watchdog Violation (ZeroMoon)
Neglect – Western Romance Novels (Lifelike Family)
Lezet – Whimsical (Cold Land Records)
Ogikubo Sex – 1 (Mayoware)
Memory Metal – 2 (Deep White Sound)
Martin Rach – 4 BACH/2 MF (Self-Released
Suzana’s Bauten – 8 bits de puro odio (Plataforma Records)

The photograph, 100 by duncan c, is licenced CC BY-NC.

Introduction to Experimental Netlabels

Introduction to Experimental Netlabels

Before I start, I need to write the perfunctaroy statement that musicians have the right to make music a financial art. Others choose not to have money taint their art. I side with the latter.

Simply, netlabels are music labels are an avenue for musicians to legally give their music away for free. This strange distribution system, where no money changes hands, was born out of frustration with the corrupt recording industry, “the demo scene, tape labels and in the DIY movement of the 1980s.”* In the free music scene, many musicians and netlabels have been using Creative Commons licensing in the distribution of their music. Creative Commons (or CC) provides copyright licensing that allows artists and the public to share works (words, music, photos, etc.) based upon conditions chosen by the artist: attribution, allow or disallow commercial use, and allow or disallow the remixing of the work.

For me, netlabels are friends that recommend music. They are the radio station DJ, the record store clerk and the music reviewer all wrapped up into one. They are not some big conglomerate pushing music out to the massess nor are they the small conceirge label that only releases music that they can sell. Netlabels release only music they like. There is no need for profit or breaking even. As a matter of fact, netlabels are a loss leader, usually in time spent and a few dollars here and there for websites and internet access.

Here are a list of a few experimental netlabels that release free works (hopefully, under CC licensing) and quite active at this time. Some of these netlabels are multi-genre, but they have a strong focus on experimental work. This is nowhere near a complete list, rather just a a starting point. For a much longer list, check out my netlabel list. Apologies to anyone that thought their netlabel list should be on this brief post and did not appear on it.

Buddhist on Fire
Buddhist on Fire: Run by John Tocher, Buddhist on Fire might be considered more of a dark ambient label, but there are always some experimental gems nestled in there. Tocher, who also does a podcast called Sadayatana, has run Buddhist on Fire since late 2011 out of Texas.

Control Valve
Control Valve: Run by Robert H. Smith aka Chefkirk aka _whALe_ pLAtE_, Control Valve puts out some fucked-up experimental music. Smith has been running Control Valve since January 2011, but before that he ran TiBProd, another netlabel, 2003 to 2009. Control Valve doesn’t care so much about copyright, but the music they release make my dogs howl.

Deep White Sound
Deep White Sound: Run by DB Amorin, Deep White Sound is part experimental music and part audio visual and all avant-garde. The netlabel is out of Portland, Oregon and has been at it since 2005. Each quarter or so, Deep White Sound drops a batch of releases, some sound, some visual, always interesting.

DMT Records
DMT Records: Run by Vito for the last year or so, DMT Records is an off-shoot of DMT Tapes FL. Though some in both genres might not consider vaporwave experimental, I do. If you haven’t listened to vaporwave this is a fine place to start.

Eg0cide Productions
Eg0cide Productions: Run by The Ghost Between Strings, Eg0cide, a French netlbel, has been in production since 2007. Most of the releases on Eg0cide are licensed under the derivative Creative Commons which allows other artists to remix the work.

Enough Records
Enough Records: Goodness, Enough Records seems to be the grandaddy of them all as it was founded in 2001 by ps, Fred, and H4rv3st. Since 2003, ps has been doing this on his own and releasing some incredible work over the years. Enough Records is out of Portugal.

Etched Traumas
Etched Traumas: Run by Joseph Ba out of Athens, Greece, Etched Traumas is a multi-genre netlabel since 2009.

Fwonk*: Run by Gordon Chapman-Fox aka Heskin Radiophonic, Fwonk* is a multi-genre netlabel since 2008. Fwonk* is out of England.

Haze: Run by Dzmitry Ladzes, aka Aortha, Haze has been releasing experimental works roughly once per week since mid-2007. All the releases are licensed under CC that allows remixing. Haze is out of Belarus.

Linear Obsessional
Linear Obsessional: Run by Richard Sanderson, Linear Obsessioal has been relasing experimental and improvisational music since early 2012. All the releases are licensed under CC that allows remixing. Linear Obsessional is out of England.

Mahorka: Run by Ivo Plamenov Petrov, Mahorka has been releasing experimental music since 2004. All the releases are licensed under CC that allows remixing. Mahorka is out of Bulgaria.

Pan y Rosas Discos
Pan y Rosas Discos: Run by Keith Helt, Pan y Rosas Discos has been releasing experimental and improvisational music since 2009. Pan y Rosas Discos is out of Chicago.

Panospria: Run by Constantine Katsiris, aka Scant Intone, Panospria has been released experimental music since 2004. Katsiris also has been releasing music on No Type since 1998, making it older than Enough Records. Panospria is out of Canada.

Petroglyph Music
Petroglyph Music: Run by Rune Martinsen and Øystein Jørgensen, Petroglyphic Music have released over 400 releases since 2012. Petroglyph Music is out of Norway.

Plataforma Records
Plataforma Records: Run by Max Chami, Plataforma Records has been releasing experimental music since 2013. Plataforma Records is out of Brazil.

Plus Timbre
Plus Timbre: Run by Chris Silver T, Plus Timbre is relatively new to the scene, though Christ Silver T is not. Plus Timbre, out of Athens, Greece, has been releasing music since late 2014.

Power Moves
Power Moves: Run by Kevin Cahill, Power Moves is an experimental cassette label that also releases its works under Creative Commons licensing. Power Moves is out of Canada.

Signals from Arkaim
Signals from Arkhaim: Run by Jan Faix, aka Count Portmon, Signals from Arkaim has been releasing experimental music since late 2012. Signals from Arkaim is out of the Czech Republic.

suRRism-Phonoethics: Run by Jaan Patterson, suRRism-Phonoethics has been releasing experimental music since 2010. suRRism-Phonoethics is out of Germany.

Tape-Safe: Run by Lorsen, aka Slo-Blo, and Rafael González, Tape-Safe has been releasing experimental music since 2012. Tape-Safe is out of Belgium.

Welcome Beauty Sounds
Welcome Beauty Sounds: Another vaporwave netlabel though much is not know about it. Welcome Beauty Sounds might be run by a guy named Rob and it’s probably from somewhere in the States.

* Netlabels and demoratization of the recording industry by Patryk Galuszka

The photograph, Steampunk gear, looking, is by Curious Expeditions and is licensed CC BY-NC.

Netlabel List 2.0.2

Netlabel List 2.0.2

Another update to the Netlabel list. Thirteen netlabels added (that’s 38 since the re-release two weeks ago). We now have 300 active netlabels on this list, if you are counting. As well as the Facebook list, there is a new OPML (RSS) file (zip) for you.

Netlabels added to list: Alter Sonic Records, Bedroom Research, Carbonproyecto, Dubophonic, Homebody, Lost Frog Productions, Minimized music records, Modismo, Monster Jinx , Nakrikal Records, No Type, Sabacan Records, SOCSUB, Subwise, and Underpolen.

Inactive labels: A crap load of additions as well as adding Internet Archive, Sonic Squirrel, and Bandcamp for their archives.

Netlabel List 2.0.1

Netlabel List 2.0.1

The Netlabel List has been updated. There is also a netlabel list now available on Facebook.

New Additions: Antzhill, BONImedia, Chabane’s Records, Crna Zemlja, Fork and Soup Records, Gargan Records, Hortus Conclusus Records, Hypnotic Dirge Records, Internet Recordings, Jisatsuken, Liquid Seed Recordings, Mindblasting, naboamusic, Nebular Silence, NKS International, Radius, Sense/Net, Sleeping Brothers Records, Strato Dischi Notlabel, Teque-nique, Truco Records, and Yarn Audio

Modifications: 51beats, Abandonment, Al Dente Records, Amalgamated Futureless Artists, Aquavelvas, Brusio, Crazy Language, Eardrums Pop, Earthrid, Ekar Records, Los Emes Del Oso, Finity, Fusion, Kanal30, La Bèl, Nohmad, Num Num Nah Records, Sirona-Records, Spettro Records, TACHYON, and This Side

Inactive Netlabels: Baconsmash Records, Lucky Chicken, Resting Bell, Underpolen, and WM Recordings

The photograph is from the Balkansky “Graviton” release on Abstrakt Reflections. The photograph is by Ghoulesk.

The New and Improved Netlabel List


The new Netlabel list is out. Though it’s never done, with Netlabel Day in less than 24 hours, this is as good as a spot to publish a version as any.

Still to do:

  • Add Sonic Squirrel links
  • Add MixCloud links
  • Add netlabels from Soundshiva
  • Finish inactive reorganization

Some fun facts from the list:

  • 250 active netlabels
  • 760 inactive netlables
  • All continents are represented except for Antartica.

Some social media stats:

  • Facebook 194
  • Twitter 188

Some Archive stats (including inactive):

  • Internet Archive 360
  • Bandcamp 92
  • SoundCloud 174 (active only)
  • Free Music Archive 31
  • Sonic Squirrel 9 (I didn’t add this to active yet)

Country breakdown of active netlabels:

  • Argentina 6
  • Austria 1
  • Belarus 1
  • Belgium 3
  • Brazil 4
  • Bulgaria 3
  • Canada 6
  • Chile 3
  • Colombia 4
  • Croatia 1
  • Dominican Republic 1
  • England 20
  • Finland 4
  • France 12
  • Germany 25
  • Greece 4
  • Hungary 2
  • Indonesia 10
  • Ireland 1
  • Italy 24
  • Japan 13
  • Lithuania 1
  • Mexico 6
  • Moldova 1
  • The Netherlands 6
  • Norway 4
  • Poland 4
  • Portugal 8
  • Russia 25
  • Scotland 2
  • Slovakia 3
  • South Africa 3
  • Spain 16
  • Sweden 1
  • Switzerland 2
  • Taiwan 1
  • Ukraine 4
  • United Kingdom 1
  • United States 39

If your netlabel is not on this list or you need your entry updated, contact me via email (david.nemeth@gmail.com) or contact me on Twitter, @dpnem.

The image at the top of the page is adapted from “Steampunk gear III” by Curious Expeditions. Both the adaption by David Nemeth and the original are licensed CC BY-NC-SA.