Everything is a musical instrument, even hard drives. Most of the time you don’t want to hear a hard drive, but with Yann Leguay and Guidinni Cortinan playing two exposed hard drives, you do want to listen.

You’ve probably seen a video or two of multiple hard drives programmed to play a pop song. Dual Drive is not this. What Leguay and Cortina have created is a magnetic glitch improvisational performance that has more to do with the true nature of computers than any contrived hard drive YouTube pop song you have already forgotten about.

Artist: Yann Leguay & Gudinni Cortina
Title: Dual Drive
Netlabel: Audition Records
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Release Date: November 2014
Download mp3: zip

Errors, Noise and Netlabels

One of the wonderful things about the Creative Commons netlabel world is that discovering new artists is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. I also believe quite strongly that netlabels are probably the easiest way to make these types of discoveries. Absence of Wax is one of my go-to netlabels for listening to new experimental artists. Month after month, Devin Sarno the manager of Absence of Wax releases some of the finest Creative Commons music around.

This past January, yeah, I know I’m late, Absence of Wax released Phil Julian‘s Recent Errors. Coming in around twenty minutes, Julian’s composition is an experimental work that engages the listener with vacillates between noise, drones and glitches. So not only is the an amazing experimental work, I have now discovered a new musician to listen to.

[mp3j flip=”y” track=”Recent Errors@http://archive.org/download/PhilJulianrecentErrors/phil_julian_recent_errors.mp3″]

Artist:Phil Julian
Title: Recent Errors
Netlabel: Absence of Wax
Release Date: 03 January 2012
Download mp3: zip

Möbius Thoughts

Saffron Slumber - Somnogen

This is another post in an occasional series called Late to the Party that looks at music I have missed for what could have been a myriad of reasons.

Kevin Stephens aka Saffron Slumber released a remarkable ambient album back in December of last year. Somnogen, on the German netlabel Resting Bell, is what many might call dark ambient thought I am having difficulty with that label these days especially in its relation to this album. Stephens’ work is subtly lyrical using bass-like drones that underneath the tracks with saturated  melodies as slow motion rocks skipping — looping — above.

Saffron Slumber’s “Old Growth” (mp3)


Grey Sky Listening, Downtempo Delight

tatsu - Grey Sky

This is the second post in an occasional series called Late to the Party that looks at music I have missed for what could have been a myriad of reasons.

For the last seven years, Tatsu has been curating the incredible magnificent netlabel Bump Foot as well as releasing album after album of his own music. Hailing from Japan, Tatsu has quietly set the definition of what a netlabel is and how it should be run. Also, all 300+ Bump Foot albums are released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license which means any Joe or Jane can remix these releases. This is really cool and totally in the spirit of the netlabel movement. It should be of no surprise that I have reviewed 7 albums from Bump Foot over the last year.

As I mentioned earlier, Tatsu releases quite a bit of his own music on his own label but on several others such as Deep-X, Monotik, Shift, Stratagem, Tropic, and many others. Though I am not a huge fan of beat music (techno, house, etc.), I’ve always found Tatsu’s albums to be not only technically proficient, but more importantly they display a cinematic feel to them.*  Over the last three years, Tatsu has released several singles on Evgenij V. Kharitonov’s superb netlabel 45RPM Records. Back in July of 2010, Tatsu’s single Grey Sky was released. These are two lovely  tracks that show the possibilities of the complexity of downtempo music, meaning it just can’t play canned beats from your library and throw some cheesy synths over them. Even in its brevity, Grey Sky lays down some gorgeous grooves and melodies that truly sets the bar on what the downtempo genre should be.

Tatsu’s “Grey Sky (Rainy)” (mp3)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/45rpm0352010Tatsu-GreySky/02Tatsu_-_Grey_Sky_Rainy.mp3|artists=Tatsu|titles=Grey Sky (Rainy)|animation=no]

*Hey, I can enjoy techno, but I believe it is a deficiency on my part that I could not tell a techno track apart from a house track even if you held a gun to my head. I’m still learning.

Expeditions in Delayed Gratification

Le Berger - De fe'kun​.​dus ad salus

This post starts an occasional series that looks at music I have missed for what could have been a myriad of reasons. In the series I am calling, for now, Late to the Party, I will sporadically look at music released over 6 months ago. 

I don’t know how I came across @le_berger on Twitter, from a friend of a friend, a recommendation or maybe just a re-tweet, either way, it was a nice discovery as I made my way to his Bandcamp page, http://leberger.bandcamp.com/. I downloaded and listened to his latest offering, Expeditions on the Grayscale (one tiny, two medium and a grand one), and I was immediately taken in by the beauty of the work. I subsequently downloaded the rest of his work and was not disappointed. I went so far as to send a note to a netlabel curator that this was a guy who should be on their netlabel.

Montrealer Samuel Landry aka Le Berger has not only produced some quality albums I hadn’t heard, but he was a musician, I somehow completed missed. Landry self-released De fe’kun​.​dus ad salus back in November 2010. For just under an hour, Berger entrances the listener with drones and ambient tones. I particularly enjoyed “Gnascor Encore & Core à Corps” (Bandcamp) as it seemed a bit harsher in its delivery than the rest. As good as De fe’kun​.​dus ad salus is, you can take a pick out of any of Landry’s oeuvre and you’ll find each album is equally as strong. Le Berger is an artist’s name who you will be hearing a lot of in the future.