Bowl Full of Void

mysterybear - A Bowl Full of Void

Back in February, I reviewed mysterybear’s Complex Silence 12 which, using drones, explored binaural beats. On Sunday, Dave Seidel aka mysterybear embarked on an experiment with another binaural beat instrument, the Tibetan singing bowl. As Shakati explains in her blog, The Secret Lives of Singing Bowls:

. . . actually a Tibetan Singing bowl produces several frequencies.  Most bowls (but not all of them) are tuned to a flatted fifth, also known as a Tritone.  So, the “struck tone” of a singing bowl is a contradiction in terms, because when struck, a singing bowl produces a chord, or interval.

With a the singing bowl resting on bubble wrap and a contact mic under the bowl, Seidel began experimenting. The result was the 9 minute track, “A Bowl Full of Void” that he shared with all on SoundCloud. This isn’t the Tibetan singing bowl you’re familiar with, but if you have listened to any of Seidel’s work, you wouldn’t expect it to be. Seidel recorded his performance live as the drones seemingly loop around themselves like the proverbial dog chasing its own tail but in some sort of quantum world, the dog simultaneously catches his tail and chases it.

mysterybear’s “A Bowl Full of Void” (mp3)

Seidel explains his setup for the track:

.I had a Tibetan singing bowl resting on some folded bubble wrap with a contact mic under the bowl with a small vibrator stuck into the fold of the bubble wrap. The output of the contact mic went through the Drone Lab and the ring modulator into a mixer channel. I also took the carrier output of the ring modulator and used it as an oscillator, through a distortion pedal and then into another mixer channel. The mixer’s effects loop consists of a flanger, then delay, then reverb. The output was spread across two amps (a guitar amp and a bass amp with a separate sub-woofer cab).Recorded live in the garage (doors wide open)on a Zoom H4, unedited and unprocessed except to chop off the first eight minutes or so and start with a short fade-in.

Setup for "A Bowl Full of Void"

| Photographs are courtesy of Dave Seidel |