Readings 149 – 161

Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado's Take This Longing

Revamping my link post in such a way to hopefully make them easier to reproduce and more succinct for the reader. Saturdays will be a my twisted recap of the blogging world and Tuesday will be a list of new albums released on various netlabels.

149: Interview with artist and Twitter artist Guy-Vincent Ricketti via audiovoltaics (I accidentally skipped link 91, consider that issue fixed.)
150: Review of Karlheinz Essl & Agnes Heginger’s Out of Blue (XS Records) via Free Albums Galore
151: Review of Various Artists’s Gauchito Gil contra Colocolo (Los Emes Del Oso) via Free Albums Galore
91: Review of Jim Morrison Mon Cul’s Jim Morrison Mon Cul (Los Emes Del Oso) via Free Albums Galore (I accidentally skipped link 91, consider that issue fixed.)
152: Review of Error Broadcast presents Bag of Nothingness via Free Albums Galore
153: Interview with Phillip Wilkerson via Free Floating
154: Review of Ominous Audio’s Drum Improvisation with Electronics (Modicum of Silence) via Recent Music Heroes
155: Review of Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado’s Take This Longing (Feedback Loop) via Thomas Raukamp’s Posterous
156: A profile of Innova label via tokafi
157: Review of Professor Kliq’s Movements via Tonmagnet
158: Review of Horiso’s View (Breathe) via Tonmagnet
159: Recording of waterfalls using hydrophones via fieldsepulchra
160: Dave Seidel puts out a new version of his Drone Instrument/Sutri Box for Mac, Linux and Windows via his blog
161: Phillip Wilkerson’s take on the whole Bandcamp mess via his blog

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