The Impending Absence

The Impending Absence

By now you have probably read that the netlabel Absence of Wax will be closing down at the end of 2014. A few years ago, once every month, Absence of Wax (AoW) began to releaseover the internets with some wonderful music — single tracks of various genres and various lengths. The concept was and is wonderfully minimalistic. Experimental composer and improviser Devin Sarno began this small netlabel that released works from friends and other composers. The mission statement was simple, a focus “on experimental / improvised / ambient sound” that was available freely and was share-able.

Sarno has the ability to reach out and find wide variety of experimental music.  Though AoW has its fair share of drones (it is the early 21st century after all), Sarno’s netlabel is an outlet for some extremely interesting and vibrant music. On the first of each month, I await the inevitable release on AoW.  Yes, I might not like it, but the odds are that I’ll enjoy it immensely. Another strength of AoW’s was the multiple releases by women. In a world where women musicians are scarce, this is a welcome change.

With AoW, Sarno has left an indelible mark on the netlabel scene. I am not going to grieve the future loss of Absence of Wax, instead, I’m going to celebrate that I got to enjoy its existence, even for this brief time.

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