Netlabels, Steampunk gear III by Curious Expeditions, CC BY-NC-SA

Version 2.0.2 (31 July 2015)

Netlabels are designed for sharing music, the musician sharing, the label sharing, and the listener sharing with friends. Everyone must have the ability to legally share the music. Because of that netlabels do the following:

  • give their digital music away for free
  • use copy left licensing

Please re-read the previous paragraph, it is kind of important. If you netlabel doesn’t meet these two simple criteria, they do not make this list.

For more on the history of netlabels, read “Netlabels and democratization of the recording industry” by Patryk Galuszka and “Making a Case for Sharing” (pdf) by Adam Porter.

Vanity netlabels, labels releasing one or a small group of musicians, are not listed here. If your netlabel meets the above criteria or you need your entry updated, contact me via email ( or contact me on Twitter, @dpnem.

Big thank yous to to Netlabel Day 2015, @ronsens, @gacougnol, @_ojdo, and the netlabels crazy language and Headphonica for their suggestions for this list. The entire old n0theen netlabel list has been integrated into this list. The image at the top of the page is adapted from “Steampunk gear III” by Curious Expeditions. Both the adaption by David Nemeth and the original are licensed CC BY-NC-SA.

Facebook List
Twitter list
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The Netlabel List is up on GitHub.

Key: bc = Bandcamp; fb = Facebook; fma = Free Music Archive; ia = Internet Archive; rss = RSS Feed; sc = Soundcloud; tw = Twitter

Creative Commons License

the list

16 Dimensional : (Japan) Chiptune and Electronic Pop : rss tw

1798 : (Germany) Dark Ambient, Drone : bc fb sc tw

20 kbps rec. : (Switzerland) Lo-bit : ia rss tw

23 Seconds : (Sweden) Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock : bc fb fma ia rss sc tw

3LOOP : (Poland) Multiple genres : bc fb sc tw

33 Recordings : (Greece) Multiple genres : fb rss sc tw

51beats : (Italy) Electronic : fb sc

56KBPS Records : (Mexico) 8bit, Chiptune: fb rss tw

8bitpeoples : (United States) 8bit : fb fma ia rss sc tw

8 ravens (Ukraine) Lo-bit : fb ia rss tw

A.M.P-RECS : (Mexico) Experimental, Noise : fb ia sc tw

aaahh records : (Germany) Multiple genres and concert promoter : fb rss sc tw

Abandonment : (Bulgaria) Industrial, Noise, Ambient : fb ia rss sc

Abstrakt Reflections : (Argentina) Electronic : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Achokcha Records : (Peru) Multiple genres : fb rss sc

Acustronica : (Italy) Electronic : fb rss sc tw

al revés : (Brazil) Electronic : bc fb sc

Al Dente Records : (France) House, Techno : fb rss sc twitter

AlchEmistica : (Italy) Classical : fb rss sc tw

Alg-a : (Spain) Experimental : fb ia rss

Alkalinear Recordings : (Ireland) Multiple electronic genres : fb ia rss sc tw

ALTEMA Records : (Japan) Multiple genres : fb tw

Alter Sonic Records : (France) Experimental : ia rss

Amalgamated Futureless Artists : (Spain) Compilations : bc fb tw

Angry Arnold Records : (Russia) Noise, Metal, Avant-garde, etc. ia

Annoying Beatz Crew : (Spain) Hardcore, Breakcore, Mashcore, Dancecore, Ragga-Jungle, IDM : ia rss sc tw

Another Record : (France) Multiple genres : bc fb rss sc tw

Antzhill : (Sweden) Dark : fb ia rss

Anything Records : (Japan) Multiple genres : rss tw

Aquavelvas : (Norway) Lo-bit : squirrel

aReW recordings : (England) Experimental : fb ia rss sc tw

Archaic Horizon : (England, United States) Electronic : fb ia rss sc twitter

Archipel : (Canada) Electronic : rss sc tw

Artico : (Spain) Ambient, Noise and Electronic : fb sc tw

As4cords / Asim’tria : (Peru) Experimental : fb ia sc tw

Audioexit Records : (Hungary) Techno : bc fb rss sc tw

Audiotalaia : (Spain) Experimental : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Audition Records : (Germany, Mexico) Experimental live music : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Bad Panda Records : (Italy) Multiple genres : bc fb fb sc tw

basic_sounds : (Canada) Electronic : fb ia rss sc tw

Batenim : (Italy) Ambient : fb

Bedroom Research : (France) Electronic : bc fb sc tw

Bestiar : (Spain) Folk, Rock : fb ia rss tw

BFW Recordings : (England) Ambient, Shoegaze, Indie, Experimental, Electronica : bc fb ia tw

Big Wave Records : (South Africa) Electronic experimental music : bc fb ia sc tw

bleak : (Austria) Industrial, Avantgarde, Experimental : fb sc tw

bleepsequence : (United States) Experimental : bc fb sc tw

blocSonic : (United States) Hip Hop, Rock, and other genres : fb fma rss sc tw

BONImedia : (Poland) Alternative electronic and Rock with all that it encompasses :

Breathe Compilations : (Mexico) Ambient, Electronic fb rss sc

Brusio : (Italy) Multiple genres : fb tw

Buddhist on Fire : (United States) Dark Ambient, Experimental, Field Recordings, Sound Collage, Spoken Word : fb ia rss tw

Bump Foot : (Japan) House, Techno, Ambient, Rock, Experimental, Pop : ia rss sc tw

Bunkai-Kei : (Japan) Multiple Genres : fb rss sc tw

Bushmen Records : (South Africa) Underground South African music : fb ia sc tw

C.N.P. Records : (United States) Noise : bc fb fma rss

Cajanegra : (Russia) Experimental, Noise, Punk : ia

Carbonproyecto : (Argentina) Experimental, Improvisation : rss

The Centrifuge : (England) Electronic bc sc tw

Ceramic Records : (Japan) Electronic : fb tw

Chabane’s Records : (France) Metal, grunge, post-rock : fb ia rss

Cicuta : (Spain) Techno : fb ia rss sc tw

Classwar Karaoke : (Germany) Experimental music released quarterly : bc fb fma ia rss sc tw

Clongclongmoo : (Germany) A netlabel portal : rss tw

Cold Fiction Music : (United States) Ambient, Techno, Dub Techno, Ambient Techno : bc fb rss sc tw

Colectivo Casa Amarela : (Portugal) Experimental : bc fb rss sc tw

cOmaRecOrdz : (United States) Electronic : rss :

con-v : (Lithuania) Experimental

Control Valve : (United States) Experimental, Noise : ia rss

Crazy Language : (Germany) Contemporary electronic music : bc fb ia sc tw

Crna Zemlja : (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Dark ambient, Experimental : bc ia rss

Crónica : (Portugal) Experimental : bc fb rss sc tw

Cyan : (Germany) Electronic : bc rss sc

Cyclene : (United States) Electronic : ia

Da ! Heard It Records : (France) Eclectic : fb fma rss sc tw

Dark Winter : (United States) Dark Ambient : rss

Death Roots Syndicate : (United States) Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, Punk and Roots Music : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Deep-X Recordings : (Russia) Techno, House : fb ia rss tw

Deep White Sound : (United States) Experimental : rss tw

Delholtel Records : (Mexico) Multiple genres : fb tw

Depth Recordings : (United States) Techno: fb tw

Der Klein Grüene Wüerfel : (Germany) Multiple genres : fb ia sc tw

Diavoletto Netlab : (Italy) Rock, Indie and other genres : fb tw

Digital Diamonds : (Germany) Trance and Techno : fb sc tw

Dipsomania Records : (United States) Multiple Genres : ia

Disfish Records : (Hungary, The Netherlands) Dub, Reggae, Chill Out, Ambient, and others : bc fb

DIY Church : (Germany) Experimental : ia tw

DNA Production : (Russia) Drone, Noise, Ambient : ia rss

docil : (Argentina) Electronic : fb

Dontrusttheruin : (United States) : Experimental, Noise, Rock : bc fma rss

Dubophonic : (Cyprus) Dub, Reggae : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Dubroom : (The Netherland) Reggae

Dusted Wax Kingdom : (Bulgaria) Downtempo, Abstract Hip-Hop : fb ia rss sc tw

Ear Alert Records : (Indonesia) : fb ia rss tw

EAR Recordings : (The Netherlands) Ambient, Electronic, Techno : ia tw

Eardrums Pop : (Norway) Warm and melodic : fb fma sc tw

Earthrid : (England) Electronic : bc fb rss tw

Echoes Sounds : (Russia) Ambient, Electronic : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Editora do Porto : (Portugal) Experimental : fb ia rss tw

Eg0cide Productions : (France) Experimental : bc rss sc tw

Ekar Records : (Germany) Experimental : bc fb sc

Ektoplazm : (Canada) Not a netlabel, a portal to the world of psytrance and goatrance : fb rss sc tw

Electronic Musik : (England) Experimental : fma rss

Element Perspective : (Japan) Electronic : bc fb fma rss soundcloud

Los Emes Del Oso : (Argentia/Chile) Weird : fb fma rss

Energostatic : (Ukraine) Deep house and techno : bc fb sc tw

Enough Records : (Portugal) Electronic : bc fb ia sc tw

Ephedrina : (Italy) Multiple genres : bc fb rss sc

Equaliteq : (Poland) Techno : sc

esc.rec : (The Netherlands) Adventurous : bc fb fma rss sc tw

espais : (Spain) Experimental : bc fb

Etched Traumas : (Greece) Sound : bc fb sc tw

Finity : (United States) Multiple genres : bc fb

Fork and Soup Records : (Aruba) Multi-genres : fb ia

Free Floating Music : (United States) Ambient : bc fb ia rss

Fusion : (Russia) Experimental) fb ia rss sc

Fwonk* : (England) All types : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Galactic Intolerance Records : (United States) Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Rock, etc. : fb ia

Galaverna : (Italy) Experimental : bc fb rss sc tw

Gargan Records : (Germany) Techno, House : fb ia rss sc tw

Genetic Trance : (Russia) Experimental : fb ia twitter

God Hates God Records : (Belgium) Experimental : fb ia tw

Great Hedgehogs’ Records : (Russia) Experimental

Green Field Recordings : (Portugal) Field Recordings : ia rss

Grimm Goat : (Brazil) Experimental : fb ia rss tw

Groovecaffee : (Croatia) Electronic : fb ia tw

Gufo Records : (Italy) Underground : fb ia sc

GV Sound : (Russia) Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise, Ambient Music : bc fb ia

H.A.K. LO-FI RECORDS : (France) Experimental : ia rss sc tw

Happy Puppy Records : (Canada) Experimental, Pop, Rock : fma ia sc tw

Hazard Records : (Spain) Public domain experimental music : fb ia

Haze : (Belarus) Experimental : bc fb ia rss tw

Homebody : (Germany) Hip hop : fb

Hortus Conclusus Records : (Italy) Avant-garde, Experimental, Drone : fb ia rss sc

Hujan Rekords : (Indonesia) Multiple genres : fb ia sc tw

Humanworkshop : (England, Germany, The Netherlands) : DJ mixes, Electronic : fb fma rss sc tw

Hypnotic Dirge Records : (Canada) Metal : bc fb

Hz-records : (Japan) Electronic : fb rss sc tw

Impulsive Habitat : (Portugal) Field Recordings : fb sc tw

In Your Ears : (Italy) Underground : fb rss sc tw

Indonesian Netlabel Union : (Indonesia) Portal for Indonesian netlabels : fb rss tw

inoQuo : (Spain) Minimal techno : fb ia sc tw

Internet Recordings : fb ia rss sc squirrel tw

Interpretations : (United States) Avant-garde performance space : fb fma tw

ionosonde recordings : (United States) Dubtechno : ia rss tw

Jisatsuken : (Bulgaria, Netherlands) Electronica : fb sc tw

Kahvi Collective : (Finland) Electronic : bc fb rss tw

Kaleidoscopic Label : (United States) Multiple genres : ia

Kanal30 : (Indonesia) Multiple genres : fb ia rss tw

Keshcology : (England) Experimental, Pop : bc fb rss sc tw

Kollectiv Artists : (Russia) Electronic : sc

KopocLabel : (Spain) Electronic : fb rss sc tw

Kovaydin : (Finland) Hardcore Techno : fb ia rss

Kreislauf : (Germany) Multiple Genres : fb ia rss sc tw

Kruk Records : (The Netherlands) Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise : fb ia sc

La Bèl : (Italy) Multiple genres bc fb ia rss sc tw

Laverna : (Italy) Electronic sound rooted in club culture : fb ia rss

LCL : (France) Dub, Electronica, Trip Hop, Folk : fb fma rss sc tw

Liminal Recs : (Russia) Ambient, Experimental, IDM, Noise, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Post-Rock and other genres : fb ia rss sc tw

Linear Obsessional : (England) Experimental, Improvisation : bc fb ia sc

Liquid Seed Recordings : (Unknown) Psycore : fb

LOM : (Slovakia) Experimental : bc fb rss sc tw

Lost Frog Productions : (Japan) Electronic : fb ia rss

lpnl : (Italy) Lo-fi : tw

LSD25 Recordings : (Ukraine) Techno, IDM : fb ia rss sc

m.i.s.t. records : (Chile) Ambient, Noise, Electronic, and other genres : bc fb rss sc tw

Mahorka : (Bulgaria) Experimental : bc fb ia rss

Maltine Records : (Japan) Electronic : bc fb fma sc tw

Mansarda Records : (Brazil) Jazz : fb ia rss tw

Mars Melons : (Norway) Electronic : fb rss sc tw

MAV Records : (Italy) Experimental : fb ia sc

Mayoware : (Japan) Electronic : rss sc tw

Melodica : (Slovakia) Electronic : fb ia rss sc tw

Memoryformat : (Russia) Electronic : rss

Miga : (Spain) Experimental : fb ia sc tw

Mimi Records : (Japan, Portugal) Electronic : fb

Mindblasting : (Indonesia) Multi-genre : ia rss sc tw

Minimized music records : (Spain) Techno, Ambient, Experimental : fb sc squirrel tw

Mixgalaxy : (Russia) Multiple genres : fb ia sc tw

Mixotic : (Germany) DJ Mixes : fb rss tw

MNMN Records : (Russia) Experimental : bc fb ia sc tw

Mobius Spin : (Germany) Electronic : bc sc tw

Modismo : (Chile) Latin American artists : fb ia rss sc tw

Modisti : (Spain) Experimental : fb ia rss tw

Monofónoicos : (Colombia) Electronica : fb ia rss sc tw

monoKraK : (Switzerland) Ambient, Deep Minimal Techno : fb ia rss sc

Monster Jinx : (Portugal) Hip-hop : bc fb sc tw

Murmure Intemporel : (France) Experimental : bc fb ia

naboamusic : (United States) Electronic : rss sc

Nakrikal Records : (United States) Ambient : bc ia rss squirrel

Nebular Silence : (Argentina) Ambient : bc fb rss sc squirrel tw

NKS International : (France) Broken sounds and heavy stuff : bc fb ia sc tw

No Type : (Canada) Experimental : ia rss

Nohmad : (Belgium) Improvisation , Noise , Industrial, Experimental , Deviant Hip-Hop, etc. : fb

NoisyBeat : (Italy) Electronic : bc sc tw

Nostress : (Italy) Psychedelic, Space/Post Rock, Avant-garde, Electronic and Electroacoustic : fb sc

Nowaki : (France) Electronic, Experimental, Jazz : rss

Nude Afraid : (United States) Electronic : ia

Nulogic : (England) fb ia sc tw

Num Num Nah Records: (United States) Experimental Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronica :

O2 : (Russia) Ambient : fb ia tw

One Two Seven Records : (England) Electronic : ia

Otherman Records : (Japan) Breakcore, Chiptune : fb rss sc tw

Otium : (Russia) Electronic : fb rss tw

ozky e-sound : (Italy) Experimental

Pakapi Records : (Argentina) South American : bc fb tw

pan y rosas discos : (United States) Experimental : fb fma rss sc tw

Panospria : (Canada) Experimental : fb rss sc tw

Parenthetical Records : (United States) Experimental : bc fb ia

Petroglyph Music : (Norway) Ambient, Electronic : fb ia rss sc

Phonocake : (Germany) Electronic : bc fb fma ia sc tw

Picpack : (Russia) Experimental : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Pink Walrus Productions : (England) Experimental, Weird : ia rss

pitu pitu : (Poland) Experimental : bc rss sc

Planet Terror Records : (England) Electronic : fb fma ia rss sc tw

Planet X Records : (Germany) Industrial, Experimantal, Dark Ambient, Ambient, Electronic, Minimal : fb ia tw

Plataforma Records : (Brazil) Experimental, Unusual, Weird : ia rss

Plus Timbre : (Greece) Experimental : bc fb rss tw

Post Global Recordings : (Macedonia) New music : fb ia tw

Postmoderncore : (United States) Multiple genres : fb sc tw

Poverty Electronics : (United States) Experimental : bc fb

Psy-Dance-Global Records : (Germany) Psytrance : bc fb ia sc

Puebo Nuevo : (Chile) Electronic : fb rss sc tw

Pxl-Bot : (England) 8-bit, Chiptune, and Glitch : fb rss tw

Quantum-Bit : (England, Italy) Electronic : fb ia sc tw

Quote Unquote Records : (United States) Americana, Garage, Punk, Rock

Radius : (United States) Free-form experimental radio broadcast : fb rss sc tw

rain : (France) Ambient : rss

rec72 : (Germany) Multiple genres : rss sc tw

Records On Ribs : (England) Multiple genres : fb rss sc tw

República Ibérica Ruidista : (Spain) Experimental : ia rss tw

Ruszud : (Russia) Multiple genres : fb rss

Sabacan Records : (Japan) Electronic : bc fb

Second Family Records : (Italy) A mixture of kraut, industrial, minimal, noise, electrowave or whatever musical genres might be : fb ia sc tw

Section 27 : (Scotland) Multiple genres : bc fb fma rss sc tw

Sense/Net : (Russia) Dark Ambient, Techno, Experimental Electronic : bc fb sc

Series : (Colombia) Electronic : tw

Signals from Arkaim : (Czech Republic) Experimental, Jazz : fb ia rss

Silent Flow : (Moldova) Ambient, Downtempo : rss sc tw

Sirona-Records : (France) Wide ranges of electronically (& other) developed music : fb rss sc tw

Sleeping Brothers Records : (United States) Multi-genre : bc fb tw

Sociopath Recordings : (Taiwan) Breakcore, IDM, Chiptune, Jungle, Mutant Hardcore, Intelligent Dub and other Leftfield Electronica : bc fb ia rss sc tw

SOCSUB : rss tw

Softphase : (Finland) Electronic : tw

Soisloscerdos : (Spain) Electronic : bc fb ia rss sc

Sólo le Pido a Dior : (Argentina) Audiovisual : bc fb tw

Sonic Terrain : (Colombia) Field Recordings : bc fb rss tw

Sonidos Anonimos : (Colombia) Hardcore : ia

Sostanze Records : (Italy) Electronic, Hip Hop, Techno : fb ia sc tw

Southern City’s Lab : (Russia) Punk : bc fb fma ia rss sc tw

Speculations Editions : (United States) Experimental fb ia

Spettro Records : (Italy) Experimental : fb ia rss sc

Spirit of Gravity : (England) Improvisation and show promoter : bc fb rss sc tw

Stasisfield : (England, United States) Experimental : fb sc tw

Stato Elettrico : (Italy) Multiple genres: fb ia rss sc tw

Stereōptico : (Dominican Republic, United States) Ambient, Techno, Hip-Hop, etc. : ia rss sc tw

StillBorn Twins Records : (United States) Metal : bc fb ia rss tw

StoneAge Records : (Indonesia) Multiple genres : fb ia rss tw

Strange Guy Records : (Russia) Noise and other strangeness : ia

Strato Dischi Notlabel : (Italy) Multi-genre : fb ia rss tw

Stray Recordings : (England) DIY : bc ia

subbass : (Germany) Bass, Downbeat, Breaks, Global Beats, Ambient, Dub : bc fb sc tw

Subterranean Tide : (United States) Experimental, Drone, Ambient : bc fb rss sc tw

Subwise : (Russia) Ambient, Experimental : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Sucu Music : (Italy) Electronic : rsssctw

Sulky : (Argentina) Music : bc fb sc

Sun Station Records : (Russia) Psytrance, Goatrance : bc fb rss sc tw

Superssonica : (Spain) Electronic : tw

suRRism-Phonoethics : (Germany) Experimental : bc fma ia rss sc tw

Susu Ultrarock Records : (Indonesia) Rock : ia rss tw

TACHYON : (Slovakia) Multiple electronic genres : ia rss sc

Tales About Nothing : (Russia) Multiple genres : ia

Tape-Safe : (Belgium) Eclectic : bc ia fb rss sc tw

TECHKILLA : (Mexico) IDM to breakbeats : fb ia rss sc tw

tecnoNucleo : (Spain) Experimental : fb rss tw

Temiong Recordings : (Argentina) Ambient, Experimental : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Teque-nique : (Italy) Electronic : fb rss sc

THAROOP RECORDS : (Finland) Experimental, Minimal, Acid, House, Glitch, IDM, Breakcore, Noisecore, etc : rss

This Side : (Greece) Electronic : bc fb ia rss sc

tonAtom : (Germany) From Ambient to Experimental : fb rss sc tw : (Russia) Multiple genres : fb

Torn Flesh Records : (United States) Harsh : bc fb tw

Totokoko : (Japan) Multiple genres : fb sc tw

Toucan Music : (United Kingdom) Techno, House : fb sc tw

Treetrunk Records : (United States) Ambient, Electronic, Experimental : ia rss

Triceratupuz : (Italy) Csound, Experimental : ia

Truco Records : (Peru) Multi-genre : fb rss sc

Tunguskagrooves : (Russia) Electronica : bc fb sc tw

Umpako : (Russia) Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, IDM : fb rss tw

Underpolen : (Poland) Electronic, Experimental : bc squirrel

unfoundsound : (United States) Electronic : ia rss

unicode music : (Italy) Lo-bit :

Unlistenable Music : (United States) Experimental : ia

United Studios Corp. : (Russia) Multiple genres : bc fb ia rss tw

Valetna Reocords : (Indonesia) Multiple genres : ia rss tw

Vatican Records : (France) Experimental :

Vuzh Music : (United States) Experimental : bc ia rss sc tw

Wavelike : (Germany) Techno : ia

We Are All Ghosts : (Scotland) Ambient, Electronic : bc fb ia rss tw

We Have No Zen : (Ukraine) Experimental : bc fb fma rss

weakie discs : (Poland) Lo-Fi, Experimental, Outsider, Black Metal and Singer-Songwriter music bc fb sc tw

xylem records : (Canada) Ambient : bc fb tw

Yarn Audio : (Germany) Bass Music, House, Techno, Experimental : bc fb ia rss sc tw

Yes No Wave : (Indonesia) Multiple genres : fb fma ia rss sc tw

YIP! Records : (Unknown) Weird : ia

YUYAY Records : (Germany) Electronic : bc fb sc

Zenapolæ : (United States) Ambient, Experimental : rss tw

Zeromoon : (United States) Experimental : bc fma sc tw

Zigur Artists : (Portugal) Electronic : bc iasctw

Zimmer Records : (Germany) Electronic : rss

Zorch Factory Records : (France) Post Punk, Deathrock, Gothic Rock and Industrial : fb rss tw

Inactive Netlabels

_rohformat scene
++ ia
+0 lab ia
-N (or minusN) ia
.contemporary ia
[ksbp music] ia
001 records ia
0friends recordings
10th Planet Music ia
12rec ia
141414 web
16RPM ia
16 verses web
16 Wersów web
17 Sons Records ia
1bit wonder ia
2063music ia
3L Reckod ia
4 Channel Records ia
4-4-2 ia
48Laws ia
49manekinow ia
4m@-records web
4mg Records ia
4weed ia
77industry ia
8081 ia
8bitrecs ia
Abdicate Cell ia
Abracadabra Recordings
Absence of Wax ia
Absetzer ia
Abstrakt Records ia
Abulia Concepts web
Abyssa ia
Acedia ia
Acoustic Fireworks Records ia
Acroplane ia
addSensor ia
adozen squirrel
ADSR Recordings ia
aerotone ia
Aesthesea ia
afmusic ia
Afterbeat squirrel
Ageema Music Club ia
Agitator Records ia
Agonal Period ia ia
Ailimaf squirrel
airbagpromo records web
Akashic Records ia
Aklass ia
Alces2 ia
Aldeias Sonoras
Algorhythms ia
Algorythm web
Alias Frequencies ia
Aloardi ia
Alpha Cat Boogie ia
alpinechic ia
The Alphabet Set Collective
Alquimia ia
Alt Recordings squirrel
Alterlabel ia
Ambientaria Records ia
Ambione web
Amblis Records web
Ambolthue web
Amduscias ia
Amenbreak web
Amor Loco web
Analogue Mind-Control ia
Another Hemisphere ia
Ansiform ia
Antena ia
Antiritmo squirrel
The Ampeater Review web
Angel Dust Records fma ia
Anomolo Records
Another Record web
Ant-zen web
Antisocial web
Apartment 1907
AR dischi
arhiva7 ia
Arsonore web
At Sea Music
Arteqcue squirrel
Astor Bell ia
Audio Aubergine
Audioactivity web
Audiocast Productions ia
Audiotie web
AudioTong ia
audiovisual theorem ia
auflegware squirrel
Autark web
Authorized Version
Autoplate ia
autres directions in music
Auxprocess web
Avant-Pop! ia
Aventuél ia
Avionix Records ia
Baconsmash Records bc
Bajar Música ia
Bake the Break web
Bakery Allstars fma
Bankrupt Recordings
Barbie Noja Records ia
BeatIsMurder ia
Barefoot Melt ia
beatmind ia
Beardology Records
Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck web
binkcrsh scene
bio-mechanics ia
biodata web
birdsong web ia
Bitkins ia
Blame Volcano Abstractly ia
Black Fish Discos
Black Lantern Music ia
Black Square ia
Boltfish Recordings ia
BPM Front ia
Brainstorm Lab ia
Brecords ia
BricoLodge ia
Broque ia
Bruits ia
BuckramBeats ia
Burp ia
bypass ia
Byte Burger ia
Camada ia web
Camomille ia
Catch the Falling Leaves ia
Catchy Names ia
Catnap web
Chase Records web
Chill Productions web
Chinstrap Music fma
Chiptune ia
The Church of Sound ia
circles and lines
Clear Cut Records
Clinical Archives ia
Cluster-Flux web
Cmbcmw records
Colin Johnco Records web
Comatronic ia
Comfort Stand ia
Commie ia
Commodity Records
complementary distribution ia
Complex Sound Sagacity
Concrete Beam Production
Contra Recordings ia
Copyleft Recordings ia
Cornslaw Industries ia
CR Netlabel
Creative Obsession ia
cryoworks web
ctrlaltcanc squirrel
Cult of the Dead Cow ia
Cut Out
Dadiast Audio ia
Dark Techno
Dead Channel ia
Dedicated Records
Dedpop web
deeplimit ia
Demux Digital
Derivative Netlabel web
Deskjob Recordings ia
Digitalbiotope ia
Digital Kunstrasen ia
Digital Vomit Records web
diggarama ia
Digilog ia
Direktschall ia
Dirtybird Rexx ia
Discoinjaz web
Discos Invisibles ia
Discos Konfort ia
Distance Recordings bc
Dobox Recordings squirrel
Dog Eared Records
Dorog Records ia
Dramacore web
Dreiton web
Drift ia
Drumlore Ektoplazm
Dubkey web
Dubtronic Records
DWD Records ia
Dystimbria web
Dystopiaq ia
Earth Monkey Productions ia
Edensonic ia
edgom web
Eerik Inpuj Sound ia
Ekleipsi ia
el-ljud web
Electo-Space web
Electro Rucini ia
Electrolyt ia
ElectroSound Moscow ia
Elektrosyndikate ia
Elpa web
Endless Ascent web
Entity ia
EPA Sonidos ia
Epislonlab ia
Error! Lo-Fi Recordings ia
escala ia
et le feu comme
Ethereal Live ia
Exegene ia
Exposed Audio
Extreme ia
Factor XIII
Fairlight scene
Fallt web
Fant00m ia
Fantomton web
Far From Showbiz ia
Fashion Proof web
Faturenet Recordings ia
feedback loop label ia
Field Muzick fma
Field Noise Records web
Flake Bat King ia
Flaming Fish
Floppyswop web
Flumo Recordings web
Fog Rattle Records
Formel web
Four Directional Doubt web
Fragment ia
Fragment Music ia
Freakyhouse web
Free Sample Records web
Free Sample Zone web
Fresh Poulp Records web
Fronha ia
frigida records ia
Frozen Elephants web
Fuselab ia
Gattoblaster Records
Givichy web
glam-slam ia
Gliese 581C web
Gluteus Maximus squirrel
gnashed web
Gozombie bc
La Gramola ia
Grain of Sound
Go Jukebox squirrel
Ground Floor web
Hamsterloco ia
Half/theory ia
Haushaltsware ia
Headphonica ia
Heavy Industries ia
Heavy Mental ia
Hexawe web
High Linear Music
Highpoint Lowlife ia
Hip Hop Core web
Hipi Duki Muzik ia
hippocamp ia
Hmmm web
Homophoni fma
Horseplay ia
I/O web
iD.EOLOGY scene
idealstate recordings no-number series bc
Idealtechno ia
Ideation Records
Igloo web
illphabetik ia
Imaginary Albums ia
Imnotok scene
Impar web
IndieLabel squirrel
Industrial Noise ia
Inglorious Ocean web
inqb8r web
insectorama squirrel
Inside ia
Institute of Surplus Value
Insubordinations web
Interdisco squirrel
Intox Noize ia
Intoxik web
Inv3rno squirrel
Itsu Jitsu ia
Jerky Oats Records ia
Just Not Normal ia
Kaos Ex Machina ia
Karakasa Music ia
Kazoomzoom ia
Kift Flipper ia
Kikapu ia
Kirsten Postcard
Kittenrock web
Knobs ia
Konsum Productions web
Kopp ia
Krautshop web
Kreatonika ia
Kreatur Musik
Kurzwellen ia
Kyoto Republic scene
La P’tite Maison ia
la-pikki-pikki records squirrel
Laced Milk ia
Laconia Records ia
Laidback Electronica ia
Laminim web
Laridae ia
Legoego ia
Leibniz ia
Lepers Productions web
Lepork Records web
Les Cristaux Liquident squirrel
Lessizmore ia
Limitless Audio web
Liquid Skies
Little Bus
Lo-fi/Sci-fi ia
Lomeanor ia
Loopaholics squirrel
Loopernrein web
Loopjazz squirrel
Lost Children ia
Lost Science ia
loud-and-clear ia
Lucha Libre Recordings ia
Luumu Recordings ia
LuvSound web
Luxus-Arctica i web
Maetirx Solution ia
Maetrixsolution ia
Magyar ia
make-a-move records ia
Manifest Northwest Recordings ia
Massive Speed Records ia
Meatronic ia
Menthe de Chat ia
Metnoia Media
Merzbau web
Metroline Recordings
microbio squirrel
Midinette web
Miniatura Records ia
Mindtours ia
Minlove ia
Minordust ia
Mirakelmusik ia squirrel
Modicum of Silence
monotonik ia
Montgo Records ia
mp3death ia
Muertepop ia
Musictrade ia
No Logo squirrel
Noisejihad ia
Non Stop Nonsense ia
norbu web
NullRepublick Records
Ogredung ia
OpenLab ia
Paste Future ia
Pattern Records web
Pentagonik web
Petite & Jolie ia
Phasetech ia
piepmatz ia
Planear ia
Planete Sauvage ia
pocketclock web
post-digital web
Postunder ia
Prakteek Sound ia
q-tone web
Rack and Ruin Records web
Random Flow ia
Recycling Records ia
Relinquished Records ia
Renegade Records
Resting Bell ia
Retner Records web
Rithmus ia
rodoid ia
Ruidemos ia
SD Records
Seedsound web
Serxxi Records ia
Silber Records ia
SKRM1 web
Smell The Stench web
Solyaris web
Soulseek web
Stadtgruen web
Sweet Smelling Surfaces ia
Taktalsmittel ia
Tanzprocesz ia
Textone ia
Time Theory ia
Tofu Records
Tripostal ia
Tres Catorce ia
Unknown squirrel
Uran97 scene
Valiza Tools ia
Vate ia
Wasamix ia
WM Recordings fma
XS Records ia
Zeste ia

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48 thoughts on “Netlabels

  1. hello, David Nemeth,
    I am writing to inform you of our latest creation



    101: Odyssey in the musical planet

    AZ-rotator // D-fried // Ilia Mayer //
    Logical disorder // Motorheidi //
    Morbia //Music komite //
    Nikka vs Draft Lorenz // Pauk //
    Ragul // Senmove //

    It’s a pleasure to present the new reference of DISCONTINURECORDS called 101:ODYSSEY IN THE MUSICAL PLANET a compilation of national artists where you will find sound landscapes constructed and deconstructed with twisted breaks, emotional melodies and abstract and hipnotic sounds. Different styles with a main root based on experimentation

  2. Hi, I will write you some of Serbian net-labels:

    Black Planet Records (various genres)

    Crime: Scene Records (various underground genres, dark-themed)

    Jesboligakurac Records (grindcore/goregrind/crust/powerviolence)

    LIBRARION Records (art-fanzine with same-named net-label)

    1. Apologies. It will be on the next edition which should be ou tin two to three weeks. Thanks for getting in touch.

  3. I don’t know why you haven’t approved my comment about Serbian labels (hoping that was a techical mistake), but if you want to put them on the list, I will send you again. You have my e-mail here. Thanks. Daniel

    1. Apologies, the comments were getting spammed and I accidentally marked your original as spam. I fixed it now and your original comment is up. An updated netlabel list won’t be for another two to three weeks.

  4. Hi there

    Amazing, I am just discovering this list.

    I was wondering, just to add to your job: would you consider adding MusicBrainz links, to link to a database? I know MB has less releases recorded than Discogs, but I believe MB fits more in the general idea of Acts of Silence 😉 AND it is better built for machines to use too!
    A link to a database would be useful to explore more of the catalog and the different relationships between entities…

    Happy to try and contribute to this part, if you decide to go for it!


  5. you’re helping me fill my new laptop [1 terabyte] with great, free sounds…for that, i thank you.

    but please know that several labels on your list [e.g. 1798 and bleepsource] are NOT free music sites. they may have great sounds and worthy artists, but they are not free.

  6. Hello… I’m running this one, which is most of the time “free” and rarely “pay what you want”.
    Much thanks if you add this kiddie to the list.

  7. I notice that Webbed Hand is not on either list, though it had been for a long time on the active list. The current status of the label is that it is on a hiatus but is not defunct. There will probably be more releases in 2016, and many of the recent releases and all the future ones will be expected to have the by-nc-sa license.

  8. Small indie net label.
    Vector of new emo stream DIY music.
    CD and web-releases.

    #post rock
    #emotional hip-hop
    #emotional EDM

  9. animata records

    Small indie net label.
    Vector of new emo stream DIY music.
    CD and web-releases.

    #post rock
    #emotional hip-hop
    #emotional EDM

  10. Great Website! Would you kindly add

    filamentXylin is a non-profit netlabel focused on experimental electronic noise.

    You will find unusual music based around Noise, Granular, Spectral Re-Synthesis, Karplus Strong, Circuit Hacking, Glitchy, Unusual timings, Polyrhythms, Cross Rhythms, Clock Divisions, Analogue/Digital modular experiments to name but a few. You will not find dance music here. You will find challenging electronic music not for the feint of heart, but non the less, skilful techniques from talented individuals with a unique musical mindset.

    filamentXylin is based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

    Welcome to our world…………………….

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