An AoS Podcast: 24 August 2012

A podcast made on 24 August 2012 featuring the experimental music from the Creative Commons / netlabel scene of the last two weeks.


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Below is a list of albums as they appear in the podcast.

Raw N^D Untitled (h-a-z-e)
Heddy Boubaker X (Amplified Music Pollution)
Leo Bettinelli and Pol Nieva Pale (tecnoNuclea)
Luís C. Pino Hhard Drive (Amplified Music Pollution)
900piesek/rbnx Prague Bratislava (Pan y Rosas)
Ten Thirty Le rêve d’Endymion (Etched Traumas)
C. Reider One of the Drone Boys (Linear Obsessional)
Lienullnoyz Jet Thundery Twin Part 1 (aReW)

The CC licensed photograph is by Göran Arvidson. You can follow him on Twitter, 6ft5.

Bring The Noise

On Twitter these days is a new parody account called Mothers Against Noise (@MothersAgainst1) which tries to make us believe that she is a mother trying to protect her child against the devil’s dissonance. If Mothers Against Noise is a true account then struKtur’s One Toy (Amplified Noise Pollution) will surely get her upset with its rhythmic noise, lots of glorious rhythmic noise.

One Toy is a remarkable amalgamation of distortion and dissonance, and though the rhythms might be in time, the contortions of sound is aggravatingly wonderful. Part chip and part beat, struKtur’s One Toy is a pleasant incompatibility of noise and rhythm.

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Artist: struKtur
Title: One Toy
Netlabel: Amplified Noise Pollution
Release Date: 9 July 2012
Download mp3: zip