Dave Seidel – Prism, Mirror, Lens

Dave Seidel - Prism, Mirror, Lens

Several years ago, Phillip Wilkerson ran a little sound series he called Complex Silence. These works, most of which are available on Archive.org, allowed musicians the freedom to explore the intricasies and development of drones as a musical statement. What set Wilkerson’s series off from other curations of ambient and drone works was his inclusion of a simple word: complex. The Wikitionary states that complex derives from the Latin complexus which means “I entwine, encircle, compass, infold”. The best of these some 40 releases never attached themselves to the simple sound, no matter how plain these tracks may have sounded, there was always an inquiry into the tones.

Dave Seidel was one of the early participants in Wilkerson’s experiment. And it was as Mysterybear, Seidel’s earlier alias, that I became familiar with his music. While many have fled the drone scene (if there ever was one), Seidel has kept on exploring the depths of these sonic murmurs. Seidel’s latest release, Prism Mirror, Lens, continues his search in the dronal environment. Seidel writes that the first track is in a “setting of continual spectral change”. Yes, that’s it! Change is the key to Seidel’s work. Boredom is not a word that comes to mind when listening to Seidel’s work, it is craftsmanship. There is an attention to detail that permeates Seidel’s sounds as he builds them allowing the listener to experience the uncertainty buried in his dynamic drones. There is no sameness of Seidel’s tracks; his work is an examination not of drones, but where the drones take us.

Artist: Dave Seidel
Title: Prism, Mirror, Lens
Netlabel: Self-Released
Release Date: August 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Download mp3: Bandcamp