The Kiriks – Kisah Jalan Jaksa

The Kiriks - Kisah Jalan Jaksa

Literally this album comes straight from the streets of Jakarta, one street in particular, Jalan Jaksa which is one of the main streets in Central Jakarta that is filled with shops, museums, clubs, tourists, etc. The Kiriks are one-man band by Hardiat Dani Satria and he has released several albums on Ear Alert Records and other labels.

As best as I can figure out Kisha Jala Jaksa is built on field recordings which are then reprocessed along with Hardia Dani playing a synthesizer. The vocals on the First track, “Pengajian Part I”, appears to be a woman singing a religious song. These vocals dissipate half-way through the track and then one can hear the some people laughing and talking, typical banter one might hear on any city street through out the world. The synthesizer then goes off on a tangent with some wild playing by Hardia Dani. “Pengajian” translates to “Study” and “Kisah”, in the album title, translates to “Story”.

Before I get on to the second track, a word of warning. The reader should assume any facts in this post are just a reliable as a Wikipedia article on alien abductions. The only thing one should take away from review is that The Kiriks’ Kisha Jala Jaksa is a fine damn album.

“Pengajian Part II” has more than one woman signing, maybe children. This time along with Hardia Dani on synth, there is some percussion though I am unsure whether the percussion came with the vocals or was over-dubbed later.The third track is the shortest of the four with vocals, percussion and synth. Even though most of The Kiriks album is built on the same framework, the listener comes away with a different feeling based upon the playing of the synth or the melody of the singing.

The Kiriks’ Kisa Jalan Jaksa closes out with chickens, then the woman starts singing and the percussion joins in. The synth is more in the background sharing this space with people talking and the chickens. Still with the chickens. These songs on Kisa Jalan Jaksa are very delicate for a city album, but they are equally as impressive.

I cannot reiterate enough that anything I have said in this review is probably god-awfully wrong. But download it anyway as you will enjoy it.

Artist: The Kiriks
Title: Kisah Jalan Jaksa
Netlabel: Ear Alert Records
Release Date: June 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Download mp3: zip