The Hate That We Breathe

I should have known of Bertrand Barbie aka Sobria Ebrietas, but I did not. But with Barbie’s latest release Hatemosphere (Earsheltering), I’m glad I finally discovered him. This time Barbie has taken on the persona of Eurovision über Alles. Hatemosephere is a noise album is more than a noise album. Barbie shows great control over the noises he uses to construct tracks with fullness and amicableness. But don’t let me kid you, this is not a noise album you could play for the uninitiated; it’s harsh, but controlled. And now that I’ve discovered Barbie’s work it’s on to some of his earlier work and a real good re-listen to The Soundtrack (Eg0cide) which came out in June.

[mp3j flip=”y” track=”Part 2@″]

Artist: Eurovision über Alles
Title: Hatemosphere
Netlabel: Earsheltering
Release Date: 4 August 2012
Download mp3: zip


An AoS Podcast: 10 August 2012

A podcast made on 10 August 2012 featuring the experimental music and field recordings  from the Creative Commons / netlabel scene of the last week.

Podcast: or at Mixcloud.

[mp3j flip=”y” track=”An AoS Podcast: 10 August 2012@″]

Below is a list of albums as they appear in the podcast.

Josh Varnedore’s Manataka (Absence of Wax)
Paul Wady’s The Terminal Beach (Linear Obsessional)
Ryan Jordan and Luke Moss’ Live from the Crystal World Salon (Open Sound Group)
Sinux’s Supermotion (Música Dócil)
eüa.3’s Hatemosphere (Earsheltering)
Diving Bell’s Diving Bell (h-a-z-e)
Cagey House’s Mostly I Like Everything (Bump Foot)
Nick Fells’ Other Islands (Never Come Ashore)
Giovanni Lami’s I Misteri (Impulsive Habitat)

The CC licensed photograph is by Pandiyan