Onde Poussière – Silent Rain

Onde Poussière - Silent Rain

Through friends of friends, Kecap Tuyul and Doedelzak get introduced at the XtetX, an improvisational experimental group that meets up in Paris, France. Doedelzak, a synth player, ends releasing the wonderful drone album, Wandering in Dust, on Eg0cide Productions back in August 2015, and then Doedelzak and Tuyul get together and record two tracks as the duo Onde Poussière. The end result of this October 2015 session is the newly released Silent Rain.

The liner notes to Silent Rain state that the duo’s music “relies on a careful mutual listening and a quite restrained palette. It gives a particular attention to contrasts, silences, subtle shifts – but can also be quite agitated and even noisy sometimes.” Tuyul has an extensive discography of working with other musicians and is known for his playing on prepared guitar, though thinking of him solely as a guitarist would be preposterous. His journeys in sound, whether solo or others, are always quite good. After finally listening to Doedelzak’s Wandering in Dust, it was no suprise that Doedelzak and Tuyul worked well together on Silent Rain.

The first track, “Skipped Slices”, begins quietly, directing us down an ambient path. But as Doedelzak calls out to Tuyul, Tuyul responds with an answer that in itself is a call to Doedelzak, and he repeats this call wrapped in an answer. The duo quickly turn our ambient journey into the subtle and not-so-subtle noises of daily life. There are interferences, jolts, and even some pleasantness. “Silent Rain”, the second track, begins even more quietly than the first, with Doedelzak on the synth. But at this point, the listener should not be fooled by this lull, as Tuyul and his guitar scrape into the soudscape like a wounded man walking down a dark alley. Somwhere around the 4 minute mark things begin to get even more weird which is never a bad thing. “Silent Rain” comes crashing down half-way through only to regroup itself for future strangeness. Doedelzak and Tuyul’s musical wanderings may be filled with indirectness, even randonmenss, but it is their response to the other’s chaos that brings the music into one sound and makes Onde Poussière’s Silent Rain worth your time.

Artist: Onde Poussière
Title: Silent Rain
Netlabel: Eg0cide Productions
Release Date: December 2015
Download mp3: zip

Introduction to Experimental Netlabels

Introduction to Experimental Netlabels

Before I start, I need to write the perfunctaroy statement that musicians have the right to make music a financial art. Others choose not to have money taint their art. I side with the latter.

Simply, netlabels are music labels are an avenue for musicians to legally give their music away for free. This strange distribution system, where no money changes hands, was born out of frustration with the corrupt recording industry, “the demo scene, tape labels and in the DIY movement of the 1980s.”* In the free music scene, many musicians and netlabels have been using Creative Commons licensing in the distribution of their music. Creative Commons (or CC) provides copyright licensing that allows artists and the public to share works (words, music, photos, etc.) based upon conditions chosen by the artist: attribution, allow or disallow commercial use, and allow or disallow the remixing of the work.

For me, netlabels are friends that recommend music. They are the radio station DJ, the record store clerk and the music reviewer all wrapped up into one. They are not some big conglomerate pushing music out to the massess nor are they the small conceirge label that only releases music that they can sell. Netlabels release only music they like. There is no need for profit or breaking even. As a matter of fact, netlabels are a loss leader, usually in time spent and a few dollars here and there for websites and internet access.

Here are a list of a few experimental netlabels that release free works (hopefully, under CC licensing) and quite active at this time. Some of these netlabels are multi-genre, but they have a strong focus on experimental work. This is nowhere near a complete list, rather just a a starting point. For a much longer list, check out my netlabel list. Apologies to anyone that thought their netlabel list should be on this brief post and did not appear on it.

Buddhist on Fire
Buddhist on Fire: Run by John Tocher, Buddhist on Fire might be considered more of a dark ambient label, but there are always some experimental gems nestled in there. Tocher, who also does a podcast called Sadayatana, has run Buddhist on Fire since late 2011 out of Texas.

Control Valve
Control Valve: Run by Robert H. Smith aka Chefkirk aka _whALe_ pLAtE_, Control Valve puts out some fucked-up experimental music. Smith has been running Control Valve since January 2011, but before that he ran TiBProd, another netlabel, 2003 to 2009. Control Valve doesn’t care so much about copyright, but the music they release make my dogs howl.

Deep White Sound
Deep White Sound: Run by DB Amorin, Deep White Sound is part experimental music and part audio visual and all avant-garde. The netlabel is out of Portland, Oregon and has been at it since 2005. Each quarter or so, Deep White Sound drops a batch of releases, some sound, some visual, always interesting.

DMT Records
DMT Records: Run by Vito for the last year or so, DMT Records is an off-shoot of DMT Tapes FL. Though some in both genres might not consider vaporwave experimental, I do. If you haven’t listened to vaporwave this is a fine place to start.

Eg0cide Productions
Eg0cide Productions: Run by The Ghost Between Strings, Eg0cide, a French netlbel, has been in production since 2007. Most of the releases on Eg0cide are licensed under the derivative Creative Commons which allows other artists to remix the work.

Enough Records
Enough Records: Goodness, Enough Records seems to be the grandaddy of them all as it was founded in 2001 by ps, Fred, and H4rv3st. Since 2003, ps has been doing this on his own and releasing some incredible work over the years. Enough Records is out of Portugal.

Etched Traumas
Etched Traumas: Run by Joseph Ba out of Athens, Greece, Etched Traumas is a multi-genre netlabel since 2009.

Fwonk*: Run by Gordon Chapman-Fox aka Heskin Radiophonic, Fwonk* is a multi-genre netlabel since 2008. Fwonk* is out of England.

Haze: Run by Dzmitry Ladzes, aka Aortha, Haze has been releasing experimental works roughly once per week since mid-2007. All the releases are licensed under CC that allows remixing. Haze is out of Belarus.

Linear Obsessional
Linear Obsessional: Run by Richard Sanderson, Linear Obsessioal has been relasing experimental and improvisational music since early 2012. All the releases are licensed under CC that allows remixing. Linear Obsessional is out of England.

Mahorka: Run by Ivo Plamenov Petrov, Mahorka has been releasing experimental music since 2004. All the releases are licensed under CC that allows remixing. Mahorka is out of Bulgaria.

Pan y Rosas Discos
Pan y Rosas Discos: Run by Keith Helt, Pan y Rosas Discos has been releasing experimental and improvisational music since 2009. Pan y Rosas Discos is out of Chicago.

Panospria: Run by Constantine Katsiris, aka Scant Intone, Panospria has been released experimental music since 2004. Katsiris also has been releasing music on No Type since 1998, making it older than Enough Records. Panospria is out of Canada.

Petroglyph Music
Petroglyph Music: Run by Rune Martinsen and Øystein Jørgensen, Petroglyphic Music have released over 400 releases since 2012. Petroglyph Music is out of Norway.

Plataforma Records
Plataforma Records: Run by Max Chami, Plataforma Records has been releasing experimental music since 2013. Plataforma Records is out of Brazil.

Plus Timbre
Plus Timbre: Run by Chris Silver T, Plus Timbre is relatively new to the scene, though Christ Silver T is not. Plus Timbre, out of Athens, Greece, has been releasing music since late 2014.

Power Moves
Power Moves: Run by Kevin Cahill, Power Moves is an experimental cassette label that also releases its works under Creative Commons licensing. Power Moves is out of Canada.

Signals from Arkaim
Signals from Arkhaim: Run by Jan Faix, aka Count Portmon, Signals from Arkaim has been releasing experimental music since late 2012. Signals from Arkaim is out of the Czech Republic.

suRRism-Phonoethics: Run by Jaan Patterson, suRRism-Phonoethics has been releasing experimental music since 2010. suRRism-Phonoethics is out of Germany.

Tape-Safe: Run by Lorsen, aka Slo-Blo, and Rafael González, Tape-Safe has been releasing experimental music since 2012. Tape-Safe is out of Belgium.

Welcome Beauty Sounds
Welcome Beauty Sounds: Another vaporwave netlabel though much is not know about it. Welcome Beauty Sounds might be run by a guy named Rob and it’s probably from somewhere in the States.

* Netlabels and demoratization of the recording industry by Patryk Galuszka

The photograph, Steampunk gear, looking, is by Curious Expeditions and is licensed CC BY-NC.

Half Evidence – Enterciel

Half Evidence - Entreciel

Half Evidence is the duo of Charles premier and Kecap Tuyul, who are no strangers to the netlabel world. Solo or working with others, premier and Tuyul have made a variety of experimental music in the Creative Commons scene from the ambient to noise, but always live and improvised. Enterciel on Eg0cide Productions is their latest release.

premier and Tuyul’s latest as the duo Half Evidence is Enterciel and, by my count, it’s their fifth release over the last several years, however they have released work on the Necktar and Classwar Karaoke compilations as well. Their first work as a duo was on 2 x 2 (2012), an Eg0cide Production release which featured Tuyul with premier on a track called, “Half Evidence” and another track with Tuyul and Matthew Tyas called “Pasta Doble”. The liner notes mention that the musician Mescalibur  introduced Tuyul to both premiere and Tyas as well as recorded and mixed the “Half Evidence” track. The new duo of premiere and Tuyul would later continue making music together under the moniker Half Evidence. Most of their work has been released on the Eg0cide Productions netlabel.

In listening to Half Evidence’s early work, the releases are consistent good and they are able to keep the listener’s attention as they go from quiet to intense and loud to slow. The first track of Half Evidence’s Enterciel continues their outstanding work though this time voices are added into the fray. As “D’orage-patienter” begins with a Half Evidence whispering to you, making sure you are comfortable and relaxed, maybe they are even offering you a beer. But as the track progresses, you realize that Half Evidence is ripping at your ears, tearing them slowly off, leaving the sides of your head a mixture of blood and sound. You relish in your masochism, enjoying the assault, soaking in the sonic vibrations as best as you can.

Maybe that previous paragraph is filled with ridiculous hyperbole which was most likely caused by listening to some insipid shit previously to my first listen of Enterciel. Regardless of where my head was when I was jotting down my notes, after repeated listens, “D’orage-patienter” is still quite intense.

“D’essor-s’essouffler”, the second and last track of Enterciel, is just as forceful as the opening track though it seems to use more vocal improvisation then it’s predecessor. “D’essor-s’essouffler” grabs and twists you into unbelievable contortions and then releases you into a solitude of noise.

For a long form improvisational experimental album, Half Evidence’s Enterciel keeps the listener intrigued and never bored. Enterciel is most likely Half Evidence’s best release to date, but that should take nothing away from their previous releases which are head and shoulders above some of the work of their peers. Maybe the success of their sound has to do with their frequent collaborations with others — you know that he ability to play well with others. I surely don’t know, but I do enjoy being the recipient of such a wonderful work as Half Evidence’s Enterciel.

Artist: Half Evidence
Title: Enterciel
Netlabel: Eg0cide Productions
Release Date: February 2015
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Download mp3: zip

Cluster Reactions

Cluster Reactions

Cluster, the new release from the duo of Ayato and Natalia Kamia on eg0cide Productions, starts out rather beautifully, but don’t let that fool you. Yes, Cluster is rather appealing, the music that the duo provides is deceptively fascinating. Ayato mixed this release to be the equivalent to walking through an unknown house: each room, an audible incantation; each corner, an engaging glitch;  each hallway, an added noise. Kamia played the piano, the qifteli and other objects, while Ayato played guitars, tapes, field recordings and laptop. If you enjoy this release, make sure you pick up their April 2014 release, T, on the netlabel H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record. T was mixed by Kamia, but it has the same inherent feel as Cluster, or should I say that Cluster has the same feel as T.

Artists: Ayato and Natalia Kamia
Title: Cluster
Netlabel: Eg0cide Productions
Released: January 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Download mp3: zip

Title: T
Netlabel: H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record
Released: April 2014
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Download mp3: zip