Unfamiliar 01

Unfamiliar 01

A Creative Commons podcast of selected new experimental releases for January 2015. It’s available at Mixcloud and SoundCloud.

  1. Iris Garrelfs – White Water Duck Down Duvet
  2. Iris Garrelfs – Sonic Imperfections
  3. Carya Amara – Sparvar
  4. Dead Frank – Bad Job
  5. Free Variety Theatre with Riley Theodore – Broken Chakra Part 2
  6. Gregg Skloff – Hard as Wall the Against It
  7. Stanley Palmeria – Lé 2
  8. Lee Rosevere – Music to Brush Your Teeth By
  9. Thiaz Itch – Dorien b9
  10. Ergo Phizmiz – Three Way Party Split
  11. K.L. Sealegs – Time Tells You
  12. Iku – Paradise
  13. The Kiriks – Cerebal Cortex
  14. Canned Fit – Animal Psychology

Photograph Caring is Creepy by Jeffrey.

This podcast is licensed CC BY-NC-ND



Textures of Hiroshima

Gallery Six - Hiroshima

Though long-form experimental/ambient/noise music is very much the rage these days, it is also a very difficult feat to pull of successfully. More often than not, musicans are unable to do so. However, Gallery Six aka Hidekazu Imashige, who currently lives in Hiroshima, is able to produce quite an accomplished extended composition. Gallery Six’s Hiroshima on Element Perspective netlabel engages the listener with a variety of affecting sounds, field recordings and noise, as well as fluid movement throughout the track.

Artist: Gallery Six
Title: Hiroshima
Netabel: Element Perspective
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Download mp3: zip
Release Date: 6 January 2014