Unfamiliar 01

Unfamiliar 01

A Creative Commons podcast of selected new experimental releases for January 2015. It’s available at Mixcloud and SoundCloud.

  1. Iris Garrelfs – White Water Duck Down Duvet
  2. Iris Garrelfs – Sonic Imperfections
  3. Carya Amara – Sparvar
  4. Dead Frank – Bad Job
  5. Free Variety Theatre with Riley Theodore – Broken Chakra Part 2
  6. Gregg Skloff – Hard as Wall the Against It
  7. Stanley Palmeria – Lé 2
  8. Lee Rosevere – Music to Brush Your Teeth By
  9. Thiaz Itch – Dorien b9
  10. Ergo Phizmiz – Three Way Party Split
  11. K.L. Sealegs – Time Tells You
  12. Iku – Paradise
  13. The Kiriks – Cerebal Cortex
  14. Canned Fit – Animal Psychology

Photograph Caring is Creepy by Jeffrey.

This podcast is licensed CC BY-NC-ND



Summer Jams

Summer Jams

Every summer, music writers or the cool blogs attempt to ferret out what the song of the summer will be. It’s a fool errand as they will never discover it — the summer album just is. No amount of writing will get you there. Most likely, one finds the summer song almost by accident and, by then, summer is almost over.

Now imagine if your thing is experimental Creative Commons / Netlabel music (CCmusic) and you set off on such a journey. You might be a bigger fool than the music writers over at Us Weekly. Turns out, I’m that fool. I think I’ve discovered the summer jam of 2013, Ergo Phizmiz’ IDIOT.

IDIOT is a self-released work by one of the hardest working musician in the CCmusic scene. Over the years, Ergo Phizmiz has developed a sound that he describes a “skewiff compositions and fractured sound-collages.” The IDIOT tracks are joyous and child-like, a wondrous cacophony of merriment.

In the summer of ’83, I remember walking down Boston’s Beacon Street and hearing Michael Jackson’s Thriller blasting from several apartments along the way. I don’t expect that to happen with Ergo Phizmiz’ IDIOT, but if it did, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?


Artist: Ergo Phizmiz
Title: IDIOT
Netlabel: Self-Released
Release Date: 02 July 2013
Download mp3: zip

An AoS Podcast: 31 July 2011

An Acts of Silence Podcast: 31 July 2011

It only took some 9 months to put together the second podcast of this blog. This podcast is looking at the eclectic, the weird and the wacky.

Podcast: http://www.archive.org/details/aos002

An Acts of Silence Podcast: 31 July 2011 (mp3)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/aos002/aos002.mp3|titles=An Acts of Silence Podcast: 31 July 2011|animation=no]

Below is the list of musicians, albums and netlabels in order of appearance.

Ergo Phizmiz – Music From The Shoes of Fulcanelli (Headphonica)
Tzara – Degrowth (Black Lantern Music)
Charmant Juliette – Matin un nouveau jour (45RPM Records)
Gurdonark – Butterflys of North Texas (Self-releaseed)
kikiilimikilii – Lumens (Heia Sun)
Lindenberg Munroe – Etudes For the Anima (BFW Recrodings)
Bubbles – Asleep (Self-Released)
Cagey House – June through the Window (WeirdAndWired)
My Brother Daniel – Ponky (Just Not Normal)
RW & P38 – Emperor of the South Pole (Dusted Wax Kingom)
Alea T. – hot01: 00-09 (Al revés)
Utrovortu – Byt’ kak myshi-polevki (Feeling like a campagnol) (Clinical Archives)
Dronjo kept by 4 – Delta (Mimi)
paniq – Beyond Good and Evil (Self-released)
Mystified – Adventures of Plunderman Remastered (Tree Trunk)

| The cover is a CC licensed photograph by PG Creative Ltd |

Phizmiz’ Ears

Various Artists - Sounds to Come

It’s a well-known fact that Ergo Phizmiz has odd ears. No matter how much you search the internets, you won’t find a photograph of Phizmiz’ ears. He’s either looking directly at the camera or is wearing some sort of headgear like a warm snow cap or a hoody.  On his blog The Naked and The Blogged, Norman Mailer described Phizmiz’ ears as, “They twitch slightly sideways and then forward. Off-flesh colored, his ears are never dull or torpid.”

Though the appearance of Phizmiz ears might be quite “weird” to the human eye, it is this weirdness that we all benefit from as his taste in music ranges from peculiar to strange. Two recent releases from his netlabel Chinstrap Music are seem to prove out this vague and unsubstatianted theory of mine. First of there is a recent 78RPM record find by Bryan Parker, Pitman’s Gramophone Course of Typewriter Keyboard Instruction. The album is a odd assortment of classical music played strongly against a forced beat with a man repeating, “Carriage Return”. Phizmz describes the album as, “An amazing slice of unintentional avant-garde, minimalism before minimalism . . .”


Pitman’ s Gramophone Course – “Part Three” (mp3)

The next delightful oddity is Sounds to Come, music that Ergo Phizmiz himself culled from science fiction and horror B-movies from the 1930s to the 1970s. Forty-five minutes filled creepy music and campy dialogue from open-source movies on archive.org. I have yet to had an opportunity to listen to what I suppose is  it’s companion piece, Albert Glasser’s The Confessions of an Opium Eater. Sounds to Come is best listened to while your head is heavily clouded by some sort drug or alcohol, the lights are low, and the night rain lashes out against your windows.


Eric Ansell’s “The Phantom Ship” (mp3)

Tom Hanks Wears Fucanelli’s Shoes

Ergo Phizmiz - Fulcanelli's Shoes

Yesterday morning the netlabel Headphonica released their second work by Ergo Phizmiz, Fulcanelli’s Shoes, a film and music work that is [            ]. If you are unfamiliar with Phizmiz and his work, think cultual absurdist, think of a kid made entirely of Crayons hiding in a cardboard box and, at the same time, standing outside of it playing a triangle. Forget the media’s appetite and laziness to compare Phizmiz to other cultural-icons, Phizmiz is only himself. Fulcanelli’s Shoes should be experienced by readers of this blog, if only because it’s better than Dancing With The Stars. After a very short email chain with no one related to this work, I fabricated this quote from Phizmiz that in no way sums up what Fulcanelli’s Shoes is about:

During the 1930s whose still unknown time extremely hermetic symbolism risen from pre-history including the identity of in motion a train that I warn that he was Fulcanelli marking the double catastrophe.

Along with this work, Heaphonica released a companion piece, Music From The Shoes of Fulcanelli, which oddly enough is self-explanatory.

Ergo Phizmiz – Barbette