An AoS Podcast: 24 August 2012

A podcast made on 24 August 2012 featuring the experimental music from the Creative Commons / netlabel scene of the last two weeks.


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Below is a list of albums as they appear in the podcast.

Raw N^D Untitled (h-a-z-e)
Heddy Boubaker X (Amplified Music Pollution)
Leo Bettinelli and Pol Nieva Pale (tecnoNuclea)
Luís C. Pino Hhard Drive (Amplified Music Pollution)
900piesek/rbnx Prague Bratislava (Pan y Rosas)
Ten Thirty Le rêve d’Endymion (Etched Traumas)
C. Reider One of the Drone Boys (Linear Obsessional)
Lienullnoyz Jet Thundery Twin Part 1 (aReW)

The CC licensed photograph is by Göran Arvidson. You can follow him on Twitter, 6ft5.

Old in the New

At Acts of Silence, we always enjoy albums that exemplify the partnership of standard instruments and new ones such as laptops and various electronics.  With Jerod Sommerfeldt on laptop and David McDonnell on saxophone and electronics, the duo known as Diving Bell have done just that. On their eponymous album, Sommerfeldt and McDonnell have put out an excellent album of improvisations of saxophone and laptop that uses their inherent dichotomy to work together rather than display their opposition.

Another interesting tidbit regarding Sommerfeldt and McDonnell is their connection to music academia at College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. We can only hope that more avant-garde musicians from conservatories will use Creative Commons netlabels to release their music.

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Artist: Diving Bell
Title: Diving Bell
Netlabel: h-a-z-e
Release Date: 5 August 2012
Download mp3: zip