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Fabric of Sound

When I first heard abc100’s Exit Site (Headphonica), I called it “the perfect experimental electronic pop album.” Almost a month and several listens later , I’ll stand by that statement. Exit Site isn’t like most […]

Mar, 18

A Protean Path

Jared C. Balogh just had a slew of music released and good for us! With Detaching Realities Vol. 2 on Headphonica, Rhythm of Life on Happy Puppy Records, and Drifting Soul on 45 Echoes Sound, […]

Jan, 31
Review of Ergo Phizmiz' "Fulcanelli's Shoes" on Headphonica.

Tom Hanks Wears Fucanelli’s Shoes

Review of Ergo Phizmiz’ “Fulcanelli’s Shoes” on Headphonica.

Mar, 23
Review of Björn & Gorden's "Electrr" on Headphonica.

A Little Bit Rock’n Roll

Review of Björn & Gorden’s “Electrr” on Headphonica.

Mar, 18


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