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Nick Fells along with the Ensemble Intégrales put together this intriguing performance of a saxophone, violin, piano and a computer with Other Islands (Never Come Ashore). From what we can figure out from my reading is that the improvised/scored music was processed through a laptop along with a predetermined soundtrack. Now we most likely got that wrong, but you can read about how this piece was put together in either the liner notes or the score (pdf). Other Islands begins with a piano and saxophone section which is disconcerting (in a good way) and sets an unconservative tone for the following sections. It is an absorbing avant-garde work and for all its complexity, is in it’s final delivery quite simple.

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Artist: Nick Fells and the Ensemble Intégrales
Title: Other Islands
Netlabel: Never Come Ashore
Release Date: 07 August 2012
Download mp3: mp3

An AoS Podcast: 10 August 2012

A podcast made on 10 August 2012 featuring the experimental music and field recordings  from the Creative Commons / netlabel scene of the last week.

Podcast: or at Mixcloud.

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Below is a list of albums as they appear in the podcast.

Josh Varnedore’s Manataka (Absence of Wax)
Paul Wady’s The Terminal Beach (Linear Obsessional)
Ryan Jordan and Luke Moss’ Live from the Crystal World Salon (Open Sound Group)
Sinux’s Supermotion (Música Dócil)
eüa.3’s Hatemosphere (Earsheltering)
Diving Bell’s Diving Bell (h-a-z-e)
Cagey House’s Mostly I Like Everything (Bump Foot)
Nick Fells’ Other Islands (Never Come Ashore)
Giovanni Lami’s I Misteri (Impulsive Habitat)

The CC licensed photograph is by Pandiyan