Aeristirvx – Untitled

Aeristirvx - Untitled

Somewhere deep in your radio dial, there is a sound, rather a group of sounds that is calling out to you. What meaning these sounds have is personal, my understanding of them is inherently different than yours. We hear differently because the same songs are not being played. In these buried radio waves that can only be heard by a few lies Aeristivrx, a shadowy figure with no past or future, only present. The world where these sounds emanate is dark, not in the scary sense rather in the unknown sense. Aeristirvx is comfortable here.

Aeristirvx’s Untitled on the netlabel 8 Ravens is one-track of extra-terranean low-bit noise. Listening to this track with its agitating sounds, the listener can only immerse themselves in it. To reject this noise is to accept the plebeian popular sounds emitting from ear buds around the world. Untitled is Aeristivx’s song of agitation and turmoil. Aeristivrx exists solely because you need Aeristirvx to exist. When you are done, Aeristirvx will no longer exist for, but may exist for someone else.

Artist: Aeristirvx
Title: Untitled
Netlabel: 8 Ravens
Release Date: April 2015
License: CC BY-NC
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Vasectomy Party – The Truth is Illusive

Vasectomy Party - The Truth is Illusive

Sometimes when I look at this world, I end up thinking we should all join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, yeah, it’s a thing. Binging Vasectomy Party for this review is one of these times. I was all set to write something like, “I have seen a lot of weird names in the netlabel scene, but Vasectomy Party is one of the weirdest.” Sadly, I don’t get to lead with that sentence. Instead I saw that vasectomy parties are a real thing – a real fucking thing. You can even get ideas for a vasectomy party on Pinterest. This all leads to quite a serious question: At a vasectomy party, does the man go into the bathroom to masturbate into a cup while everyone stands in the living room drinking boxed Pinot Griogio and asking each other if they saw that funny cat video on Facebook?

This Vasectomy Party, the good fucking kind of vasectomy party, is a noise project out of Florida by Hal Harmon. He’s done a lot of other noise under the names of such as G’Mork, Nature Boy, The, and others. He’s been in a couple of bands as well. Vasectomy Party’s The Truth is Illusive was released on Control Valve, the best experimental netlabel you have never heard of. Harmon writes that Vasectomy Party “is grounded in the harsh noise idiom, but with forays into wall-noise, drone, glitch, tape manipulation, and electro-acoustic noise.” If I ever said “Booya”, this would be the time to say it.

Vasectomy Party opens the album with “The Truth is Illusive” which begins with a low rumbling as if a thunderstorm approaches. The eponymous track might be the most low-key of all the tracks on the album as it is filled with drones, slight noises and glitches, and rhythms. Based on a live performance Harmon writes, “I wanted to capture a dense, billowing exhaust sound with a variety of sounds working their way through the backdrop.” By the way, the liner notes on this release are perhaps the most complete I have ever read.

Even though “The Truth is Illusive” brings some sort peace, “Objective, Subjective, and the Connective Thread” snaps the listener right out of that. Harmon writes that this Vasectomy Party album was based on a conversation on our views versus the universal truths and what connects us all. The second track which is the shortest of the three tracks is filled with cut-up harsh noise. This is the music your mother feared you would listen to.

“Searching for Commonality” wraps up Vasectomy Party’s wonderful The Truth is Illusive. For a noise record, it is odd that so much of this album might be accessible to those who do not like noise. Filled with glitch, noise, and phone noises in looped in the background, Harmon demonstrates the difficulty that individuals have in connecting with the greater society. Harmon writes, “A tenuous connective thread perhaps, but enough to inspire me to see these tracks through completion (rather than just junking them, which is often the case).”

Aritst: Vasectomy Party
Title: The Truth is Illusive
Netlabel: Control Valve
Release Date: February 2015
License: Creative Commons
Download mp3: zip

Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self

We all need a smack of noise that jolts us out of our suburban reality, something to wipe out that dose of perfume that all mid-levels managers seemingly wear or your boss with their incessant recap of the latest episode is NCIS. And these two Brazilian motherfuckers, Caos Sonoro and Antoine Trauma, give us the noise antidote for complacency and surrender. The album begins with three tracks by Caos Sonoro all beginning with the title”The death is Brutal”. Each of the three parts have subtitles that give you a glimpse of the pulsating noise that will assail you: “total deathmix”, “instrumental death”, and “down fucking down”. Blistering, pulsating, delightful noise.

I am a bit surprised that this is my first review of any work by Antoine Trauma as he has had many noise and dark ambient releases over the last few years. The two tracks by Antoine Trauma are a bit more sedated that Caos Sonoro’s work, but that isn’t to say that playing these glitchy tracks for a friend that is into Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood wouldn’t send your friend into convulsions and leave them with a nervous tick that would plague them till the end of their life.

Listen to Split Album and be yourself again.

Artists: Caos Sonoro and Antoine Trauma
Title: Split Album
Netlabel: Plataforma
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Release Date: March 2015
Download mp3: zip

Death Note

Death Note

Kyosuke Higuchi most likely gets their name from a magna called Death Note. Given this little piece of correct/incorrect information, one can hazard a guess that their music won’t be a walk in the park. Higuchi’s The Ward fluctuates between languid synthesizers to harsh Japanoise. The track beckons one to either turn up the volume to listen to its delicateness or, if you don’t quickly turn down the volume, the noise will obliterate your senses.Whatever. I don’t know if I get it, but I do like it quite a bit.

Artist: Kyosuke Higuchi
Title: The Ward
Netlabel: Abandonment
Release Date: March 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Download mp3: zip

Noise Isn’t Afraid of You

Noise Isn't Afraid of You

Dædal Sphallðlalia’s new release, Chaosofia, is a blistering assault upon the ears. Using a combination of harsh noise electronics and maybe a vacuum cleaner, Chaosofia is an aggressive, but brief, upon the senses. Besides this release on the Greek netlabel, Etched Traumas, Dædal Sphallðlalia, who hails from Rome, has dark ambient and noise releases on Sirona, Deep Lake and SP Recrodings.

Artist: Dædal Sphallðlalia
Title: Chaosofia
Netlabel: Etched Traumas
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Released: January 2015
Download mp3: Bandcamp

The Spit That Holds America Together

The Spit That Holds America Together

Just who is Bee Spit? Does anyone care? I do not. It is not because I don’t enjoy Bee Spit’s harsh noise, it is because I do enjoy their music. With several self-releases on Bandcamp and two long-play releases on Soundcloud, Antipatriot is Bee Spit’s first Creative Commons netlabel release. The tracks (1. United, 2. States, 3. Of, 4. America) fluctuate from harsh noise to ambient noise. “United” brings the listener slowly into the harshness while “States” just slams the listener with and obstruction of noise. “Of” and “America”, the most quiet of all the tracks and are therefore probably the most accessible of Antipartiot if you are not into noise per se.

Artist: Bee Spit
Title: Antipatriot
Netlabel: Galatic Intolerance
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Released: March 2014
Download mp3: zip

The Sounds of Rodents Dancing

The Sounds of Rodents Dancing

If your friends and family think that the music you listen to sounds like animals scurrying through the walls of your home, maybe you could surprise them with Daniel Bordini’s Sintese Forge in the Plataforma netlabel. Oh, you still have the noise of walled rodents, but now with added melody and beat. As the kids of yesteryear would say, “It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.” But don’t let that hold you back, most likely I am being quite facetious. Bordini’s Sintese Forge is filled with trashy beats and glimpses of song, but it’s heart lies within the noise.

Artist: Daniel Bordini
Title: Sintese Forge
Netlabel: Plataforma
License: CC BY-ND
Download mp3: zip
Release Date: 9 January 2014