Outsider Leisure – Hate Is A Verb

Outsider Leisure - Hate Is A Verb

It was the hideous duck-billed platypus that originally attracted me to this album. The creature crawling out of some hazardous waste lake and is now set to ravage the countryside as only a monstrous duck-billed platypus could. I was intrigued.

I don’t know a lot about Outsider Leisure other than a few facts and some educated guesses. There is probably more to know about this band, though my Russian is as good as my Mandarin. Apologies. The band is most likely one man, Nikolay Nedvoray, who hails from St. Petersburg and may or may not be Ukranian. As Outsider Leisure, he has released several albums many of which are on Picpack.

Hate Is A Verb is classified somewhat loosely as hate pop. It’s bizarrely melodic which goes along with many of my favorite listens of late: Gurdonark, Cagey House and Stinky Picnic.. Outisder Leisure opens the album with “Fucking Lunch in a Fucking Tube”, playful scales and childlike, amusingly entertaining. The second track, “Hate is a Verb”, explores a European electronic rock with the whispering heavy metal vocals. A little more on these vocals later. “Per Aspera Ad Astra”, which translates to “Through hardships to the stars”, returns to the style of the first track — fun, not to serious, but very, very good. “Высокий Штиль” or “High Style” mimics the namesake of Russian literary theory — things just got real, yo.

The fifth track, “Душа И Кипарисы” or “Soul or Cypress”, has this style of singing which I (correctly or incorrectly) liken to heavy metal whispering. My knowledge of heavy metal is as good as my Russian. The few songs on Outsider Leisure’s Hate Is A Verb that had this vocal style took me several listens to get used to, and, yes, a few more listens to really like. “Импульс” or “Pulse” follows and the hate pop goes into full effect now. Either you really dig this shit or not. I dig.

The seventh track, “Куда Мы Спрячем Твое Тело” or “Where do we hide the body”, is a journey to Munchkin Country as the inhabitants sing about how to hide the body of Gingema, the Wicked Witch of the East, or so I imagine. “На Обломках Холодных Ног” or “The wreckage of cold feet” takes me back to early De La Soul just groovin’ in the licks that they stole from early 70s Southern California.

With “Пресыщение” or “Satiated”, Outsider Leisure begins to wrap up the Hate Is A Verb with the first of three songs, more of this heavy metal whispering, but seriously I’m really liking it. Every track is fitting together. “Сплин И Идеал” or “Spleen or Ideal” (by the way, all the translations are from Google Translate) is a sultry piece and very laid back. The last track, “Тишина” or “Silence”, is the most quiet of the record and a great place to leave off.

Artist: Outisder Leisure
Title: Hate Is A Verb
Netlabel: Picpack
Released Date: February 2015
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Download mp3: zip

Unfamiliar 01

Unfamiliar 01

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Photograph Caring is Creepy by Jeffrey.

This podcast is licensed CC BY-NC-ND



SoundCloud Sunday No. 1

I’m just getting started in this whole SoundCloud thing, so bear with me. The attempt at this post is to share with you some of the things I’ve found and listened to from a variety of artists who participate in the netlabel world. I realize that most, if not all, of these tracks will disappear in the near future, but that’s okay as this is very much a living post. When then do disappear, I’ve left links to the artists or netlabels that originated the track so you can go and listen to other works by them.Hopefully, I’ll return next Sunday with a new batch of tracks from SoundCloud for you to enjoy.


Mystified’s “Falling Into The Darkest Night Excerpt”


C. Reider’s “Romney Phase Upstage”


Mary Jane Leach & Dave Seidel’s “Duo for Droning Geminis (Live at The Stone)”


Benjamin Dauer’s “Washing Over”


Animula Vagula’s “Radiowaves (Pickpack)


| The photograph used with this post by Thiophene_Guy is licensed under Creative Commons

Disparate Styles

Trianov - 367.1644

A week ago I tweeted the following, “The netlabel movement is bigger than you imagine.” It was around this time that I started adding a slew of Japanese and Russian netlabels to my list that I’ve never heard of. And with these new netlabels, artists after unknown artists tumbled down into my lap. With over 400 active netlabels listed, I truly believe I’ve only scratched the surface of this community.

Maksim Trianov is one of those artists I discovered on a variety of netlabels like Genetic Trance, Drill Records, 20kbps, and others. Trianov is a multi-instrumentalist from the Ukraine, who in a short time has released a wide variety of work from acoustic improvisations to experimental electronic work. He really doesn’t seem to shy away any genre and if he released an album of Polish folk songs, I wouldn’t be surprised. Trianov’s Five Improvisations on George Gershwin’s Songs (Fokojazis) is an improvisational journey into the depths of several famous Gershwin songs. Trianov’s guitar is melodic and discordant when needed. Gershwin’s songs are dissected and put together in a way that is sympathetic to the original and different enough to stand on their own.

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/FZS-017/04-Summertime.mp3|titles=Summertime|artists=Trianov|animation=no]

Another work by Trianov is  367.1644 (PicPack). This release takes the listener in the complete opposite direction Trianov’s Gershwin  work. 367.1644 is a beautiful experimental piece with a combination of field recordings, ambient tones and electronic glitches. Two ambient pieces bookend the track as Trianov guides us through his experimental maze.

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/Trianov_367.1644/367.1644.mp3|titles=367.1644|artists=Trianov|animation=no]

The netlabel world is a big, wonderful place. Trianov is just one of the artists out there who is waiting for you to listening to. Be adventurous, break out of your netlabel clique and experience new and vibrant music.