An AoS Podcast: 24 August 2012

A podcast made on 24 August 2012 featuring the experimental music from the Creative Commons / netlabel scene of the last two weeks.


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Below is a list of albums as they appear in the podcast.

Raw N^D Untitled (h-a-z-e)
Heddy Boubaker X (Amplified Music Pollution)
Leo Bettinelli and Pol Nieva Pale (tecnoNuclea)
Luís C. Pino Hhard Drive (Amplified Music Pollution)
900piesek/rbnx Prague Bratislava (Pan y Rosas)
Ten Thirty Le rêve d’Endymion (Etched Traumas)
C. Reider One of the Drone Boys (Linear Obsessional)
Lienullnoyz Jet Thundery Twin Part 1 (aReW)

The CC licensed photograph is by Göran Arvidson. You can follow him on Twitter, 6ft5.

An AoS Podcast: 31 July 2011

An Acts of Silence Podcast: 31 July 2011

It only took some 9 months to put together the second podcast of this blog. This podcast is looking at the eclectic, the weird and the wacky.


An Acts of Silence Podcast: 31 July 2011 (mp3)

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Below is the list of musicians, albums and netlabels in order of appearance.

Ergo Phizmiz – Music From The Shoes of Fulcanelli (Headphonica)
Tzara – Degrowth (Black Lantern Music)
Charmant Juliette – Matin un nouveau jour (45RPM Records)
Gurdonark – Butterflys of North Texas (Self-releaseed)
kikiilimikilii – Lumens (Heia Sun)
Lindenberg Munroe – Etudes For the Anima (BFW Recrodings)
Bubbles – Asleep (Self-Released)
Cagey House – June through the Window (WeirdAndWired)
My Brother Daniel – Ponky (Just Not Normal)
RW & P38 – Emperor of the South Pole (Dusted Wax Kingom)
Alea T. – hot01: 00-09 (Al revés)
Utrovortu – Byt’ kak myshi-polevki (Feeling like a campagnol) (Clinical Archives)
Dronjo kept by 4 – Delta (Mimi)
paniq – Beyond Good and Evil (Self-released)
Mystified – Adventures of Plunderman Remastered (Tree Trunk)

| The cover is a CC licensed photograph by PG Creative Ltd |

Five Forgotten Places

Gurdonark on Phantom Circuit

At the beginning of this week, Robert Nunnally aka Gurdonark announced that he was featured in the latest podcast from Phantom Circuit. What’s interesting about Nunnally’s announcement is that he rarely touts his own work on Twitter, he’s more of a conversationalist and a Creative Commons supporter. Nunnally contributed five new tracks as part of a song cycle of forgotten places to the Phantom Circuit podcast. Nunnally’s music is very different from the usual music covered in this blog — it’s melodic. But there is something attractive in his playful melodies that evoke the forgetfulness and innocence of childhood.

The rest of the podcast is extremely well done with some very interesting music and the folks at Phantom Circuit need to be commended on putting out such a great product. I’ll be back listening to more Phantom Circuit podcasts soon enough. For now, I’ll leave you with a recent track from Gurdonark on Classwar Karaoke – 0014 Survey as well as the podcast from Phantom Circuit.

Gurdonark’s “Starling” (mp3)