An AoS Podcast: 10 August 2012

A podcast made on 10 August 2012 featuring the experimental music and field recordings  from the Creative Commons / netlabel scene of the last week.

Podcast: or at Mixcloud.

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Below is a list of albums as they appear in the podcast.

Josh Varnedore’s Manataka (Absence of Wax)
Paul Wady’s The Terminal Beach (Linear Obsessional)
Ryan Jordan and Luke Moss’ Live from the Crystal World Salon (Open Sound Group)
Sinux’s Supermotion (Música Dócil)
eüa.3’s Hatemosphere (Earsheltering)
Diving Bell’s Diving Bell (h-a-z-e)
Cagey House’s Mostly I Like Everything (Bump Foot)
Nick Fells’ Other Islands (Never Come Ashore)
Giovanni Lami’s I Misteri (Impulsive Habitat)

The CC licensed photograph is by Pandiyan

So, What Did You Do Yesterday?

An incredible live noise performance by Ryan Jordan and Luke Moss has been captured and released by Graham Dunning’s Open Sound Group. I know performing on instruments of one’s own making is nothing new, but the shear enormity of what happened to produce Live from the Crystal World Salon just blows me away. Moss was on a homemade turntable which was using a home-grown piezo crystal pick-up made by Lorah Pierre playing a reconstituted shellac record by Dunning while Jordan was playing a electrical model of a neuron which when passed through various chemical solutions that emitted voltages which were amplified. Whew. And the music is even good.

Yeah, projects like this expose me as the lazy procrastinator that I am.

[mp3j flip=”y” track=”Live from the Crystal World Salon@″]

Artists: Ryan Jordan and Luke Moss
Title:  Live from the Crystal World Salon
Netlabel: Open Sound Group
Release Date: 01 August 2012
Download mp3: zip