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A Guide to World Music

World music is a global phenomenon that encompasses hundreds of different styles and languages. In this blog, readers will discover music from every continent, from the most famous artists to the more obscure. Exciting articles will discuss the likes of Africa Express, Balkan Brass, Cumbia, Fado, and Graceland. Visitors will enjoy learning about the background and history of these forms of music and how they tie in with the local culture. Record labels, musicians, live events, and much more will be featured to enable a greater understanding of this widespread genre. Let the party begin!

Is Burna Boy The New Fela Kuti

22 Jun 2021

Nigerian music sensation, Burna Boy, has always said that Fela Kuti is his idol. But could he be the new-era Fela. Maybe. Burna has swept the entire African continent and beyond with hit after hit. He has a whole cabinet of awards, the latest being a Grammy in 2021.

The History of Bollywood

30 May 2021

When thinking of Bollywood, what comes to your mind? Bright and colorful sets, synchronized dancing and singing? That is what goes through most people’s minds. However, there is so much more to India’s film and movie scene.

Origins of Bollywood

Bollywood plays on words combining Hollywood with the ‘B’ for Bombay (now known as Mumbai). The term was first coined in the 1970s, but no one is sure which journalist used it first. The name has stuck, though, and is used to describe movies and films made in India.

The Indian film industry dates back to the 1913s with the iconic silent film titled Raja Harishchandra. It took a while for the Indian film industry to be recognized by other film industries such as the United States.

How Bollywood Progressed

In the early 1920s, there began a rise of multiple film and production studios. The majority of studios during this time produced films with a mythological or historical nature. During this period, movies from Hollywood were being imported, and these primarily action movies were so well received by Indian audiences that the local film industry started to follow suit. However, classics such as “The Ramayana” and “The Mahabharata” remained popular throughout the decade.

1931 showcased the release of the first Indian film with sound and speech. This film, “Alam Ara”, was groundbreaking and paved the way for the future of Indian cinema. The number of production companies skyrocketed, and along with it, the number of movies produced in India too. In 1927 India made 108 films, and this number increased to 328 in 1931. Colour films also started popping up and changed the industry forever.

The New Wave of Films

In 1947 the industry went through another change, bringing it ever closer to the Bollywood we are familiar with today. There was a change in the theme of Bollywood movies. The focus was on mythological or historical films, then producers and directors started to focus on social reformist films. The industry soon saw the release of action-packed movies, some even containing themes surrounding online casinos, such as Teen Patti.

Around the same time aforementioned, India established the template for the Masala film. The film is a mash of comedy, action, and melodrama consisting of 6 song and dance numbers. This template formed the basis of the modern Bollywood movies we know and love today.

Forget Your Misery, Enjoy a Bollywood Movie

As Manmohan Desai, a famous Bollywood director, said: “I want people to forget their misery.” That was his goal when directing movies, and it remains relevant today. Bollywood movies can transport you to a whole other world and allow you to leave your troubles behind for a while. So why not enjoy the escape with a good Bollywood movie? Let us know which one is your favorite.

A Deep Love for Sigur Ros

6 May 2021

The music of Sigur Ros can help any person express how they feel. Suppose they're struggling to find the words that can describe negative or positive emotions, they should listen to these Icelandic post-rock musicians. Sigur Ros' brand of music speaks to the hearts and souls of music fans everywhere.

World Music: Why Is It Called So?

26 Mar 2021

While no one imagined that there wouldn't be anything like world music, the reality is that this genre now exists. But why did it have to be called that way? Well, it was called so with a need to blend foreign music with Western popular music.